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  1. In fact, no matter what pet raising, it will increase the chance of human illness, especially cats and dogs, but do you want to get sick when you talk about cats and dogs? Note that hygiene is generally not sick. As for what diseases who are raised, it is mainly some parasites and skin diseases.
    . Nourishing cats may not get sick
    It, cats love clean than many people, and they will lick all parts of their bodies and clean themselves. Many people who do n’t like cats think that cats will get sick, but cat raising can only be said to increase the chance of human illness to a certain extent, but as long as you take care of it, pay attention to the usual hygiene. of.
    . Three diseases that are prone to cats with cats 1. Pog

    Paping is a more troublesome disease, especially in vitro parasites. When the bugs invade the cat's hair and epidermis, it will settle here, then quickly reproduce, and it is extremely uncomfortable to bite the cat. Moreover, some parasites can also be transmitted to humans, common ones are flea, bull and ear mites.
    2. Cat moss

    It my friends who have cat -raising have been infected with cat moss. This is a fungal skin disease. When the cat moss is infected, it will feel itching and unbearable. The skin in the infected area will still become red. Although this kind of skin disease is not a big deal, it should be treated as soon as possible.
    3. Respiratory tract infection

    Is as long as it is a hair with hair, it will increase the chance of human suffering from respiratory diseases. Especially the cats who like hair loss can be seen, but some very small hair can be easily inhaled, which causes respiratory tract infections.

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