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  1. It will not be inhaled, but there will be germs infected.
    The on the feng shui, cats are a kind of animals with yang, which can add yang and anger in the house. Cats can play a certain role in protecting the family's wealth.
    The cats are one of the most common home pets. They are not only cute and simple, but also have some good impacts on residential Feng Shui. On the perspective of Feng Shui, cats are a kind of animals with yang, which can add yang and anger in the house. The habit of cats is to stay in a warm place, and like to make up the master's side, which can not only drive the owner's loneliness, but also bring warmth to the owner. The heating field from cats is very helpful to the health of the family and can bring good emotions.
    The cats at home basically spend 15-20 hours a day "sleep". Cats can sleep well, and they are not very noisy. But the biggest problem is that most cats go out at night, which is just the opposite of the sleeping cycle of the shoveler. When I went home for a day to rest, the cat's nightlife had just begun. It is ready to run around in the house to disturb you to sleep. Even if the cat is willing to sleep, its snoring may make you upset, or it may suddenly make you unhappy. Then it will grab you with your paws fiercely, and then the whole person will feel refreshing. The shovel that sleeps more than 20%of pets with pets will interfere with their sleep.
    Although the cat loves cleanliness, it is just for yourself, and the cat is not a person who cannot wash his hands when he goes to the toilet. Even though they buried in the cat sand to pee to cover the smell, their claws were filled with dirty things. If you let it jump out of bed at will and sleep with you, your bed may become its second trash can.
    The people are allergic to cats and dogs. According to data from the American asthma and allergies, as much as 30%of the United States have an allergic reaction to cats and dogs, and the allergic reaction to cats is twice the dogs. If you are allergic to cats and dogs, doctors generally don't recommend you to raise cats and dogs. However, if you really like cats and have an allergic reaction to cats and dogs, you can try to keep your friends raising cats in your home for a few days to see if there are serious sensitivity, and then decide whether to really raise cats.
    So far, there is no conclusive evidence that cats will be sensitive to babies, but cat hair is one of the sources of sensitive. Therefore, if you have a baby at home, try to separate the cat from the baby when you sleep. Even if the cat and the shoveling officer get along well, accidents may occur when sleeping together. For example, cats want to tease it, but they accidentally grabbed it, or shovel officers turned over the cat.
    Because the fur on the cat contains a large amount of bacteria, sleeping with the owner for a long time, the owner will be invaded by the bacteria, and women can not sleep with the cat. , Cats are yin, and women are also yin. In the ancient words, such yin is too heavy to attract unclean things. The main thing is that unmarried girls and mothers and cats who are unparalleled for a long time will lead to infertility. This is not this is not There are really such cases joking. I hope that the girls now do n’t sleep with the cat, no matter how much you love him.

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