The county -level institution recruits 90 % of graduate students. Has the recruitment unit started to roll?

4 thoughts on “The county -level institution recruits 90 % of graduate students. Has the recruitment unit started to roll?”

  1. 90 % of the county -level public institutions are required to ask for graduate students. This is a recruitment advertisement of Yunyang County, which is less than 300 kilometers from Chongqing. From the recruitment requirements of the employer, we can see that the recruitment unit has also started to roll. According to the current overall employment environment, as the requirements of various industries have become higher and higher, the recruitment advertisements of different units will only become more and more internal.
    The county -level institution recruits 190 people, and there are 90 % of the places to require graduate degree or above. As soon as this news comes out, many people are stunned. , Pu Ben's undergraduate students are not qualified to talk about employment issues; in fact, this is a more exaggerated statement. Each of us has everyone's positioning and finding our own positioning. Then we can find a suitable job. And the whole person will be physically and mentally happy. At present, it is normal to recruit institutions in the public institution. After all, the treatment is relatively stable, and the treatment is much better than the outside units.
    The county -level institution recruits 90 % of them to require graduate students
    In Yunyang County, 300 kilometers away from Chongqing, is a small county, but in order to introduce talents in this small county 176 people have requested their degree or above. Although the staff of the thread said that this is only for talent introduction plans. If some positions are not recruited by people in the future, they will still reduce the requirements, but the lowest will not be lower than the college degree.
    The intrapersonal roll in the recruitment unit is normal: the society's requirements for people to improve
    According to the current society's needs for talents, employment is actually a very realistic issue. At present It is very high. These positions do not necessarily need to be perfect, but there must be a basic lower limit, and the employment unit buys a personal 8 -hour work time. Within this time, the recruitment unit has various types Education requirements are also normal. The current employment environment is relatively severe, the public institutions are relatively stable, and the treatment is better. Naturally, it is required to get higher and higher. It looks like an inner roll.

  2. Many recruitment units have also started to roll. Only by improving their competitiveness can they ensure that they are invincible. It may be a threshold development trend in the future graduate degree.

  3. Yes, because the requirements of public institutions on talent qualifications are getting higher and higher, and in order to meet the needs of society and the needs of work, this requirement will be available.

  4. As the recruitment conditions of the recruitment unit are getting higher and higher, the postgraduate entrance examination has become a kind of "just need", and the number of postgraduates has increased significantly.

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