LED ceiling lamp basic knowledge

1. Introduction of LED ceiling lamp

LED ceiling lamp is a kind of lamp using LED as the light source, because it is installed in the room, because the upper part of the LED ceiling lamp is flat, close to the roof installation, like adsorption on the roof, called LED ceiling lamp.

LED ceiling lamps have the characteristics of high light efficiency, less power consumption, long life, easy control, maintenance free, safety and environmental protection. The general diameter is about 200mm LED ceiling lamp, suitable for use in the corridor and bathroom. And the diameter of 400mm LED ceiling light, installed in not less than 16m2 of the top of the room is appropriate. LED light source through the microcomputer built-in controller, can achieve LED ceiling light dimming, color, light color soft, gorgeous, rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, green environmental protection.china high efficiency led strip.

LED ceiling light is adsorbed or embedded on the ceiling of the roof lighting, is the main indoor lighting equipment, is the home, office, entertainment and other places commonly used lamps. The shape of an LED ceiling light.

The most commonly used LED ceiling lights are 12W, 18W, 24W, 30W, 36W, 40W, 48W, 54W, 64W, 72W, 84W, 108W and so on.

Note: To identify the stroboscopic presence of LED ceiling light and rgbic led strip, you can use the mobile phone camera function to observe the light with the mobile phone camera. This method can only roughly detect whether the LED lamp is stroboscopic, but cannot judge the stroboscopic frequency. Generally, the more obvious the ripple of the image, the smaller the stroboscopic frequency and the more severe the stroboscopic frequency.

2. Circuit schematic diagram of LED ceiling lamp

At present, the monochrome LED ceiling lamps all use SMD5730 (0.5W) or SMD5630 (0.5W) as the light source, in accordance with the number of series = power supply ÷1, the number of parallel is 2, its current size is 270mA. The aluminum substrate design of ED ceiling lamp is shown in the following table.

The two-color light board is composed of two kinds of color temperature lamps, which can adjust the brightness and color temperature with the power supply of up-regulation light and color temperature. Instead of the traditional H tube LED ceiling lamp board, 310×15mm2 (6W), 410×15mm2 (6W, 8W), 520×15mm2(8W, 9W), 534×19mm2(9W, two-color). The power of LED dimming and color temperature suction lamps is 8W, 12W, 16W, 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W, 64W, 72W and so on. At present, the LED ceiling lamp board also has 2.4G stepless dimming color temperature (two-color) plus seven-color light source (RGB).

3. Introduction of LED capping power supply

The power supply of the LED ceiling lamp is 2.4G remote dimming and color adjustment (switch segment dimming, remote dimming and color temperature). It is equipped with open circuit protection, short circuit protection, overload protection and over temperature protection. The remote control has the function of separate wire remote control, and it has the function of small night light. 2.4G high frequency wireless remote control, with low power consumption, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability, high air communication rate.

LED ceiling light 2.4G remote dimming power supply can be divided into single channel, double channel, etc., Its power is 18-28W, 28-36W, 40-54W, 60-84W and so on. Can achieve stepless dimming from 0.1% to 100%, smooth dimming, no shaking light (stepless dimming). Light from warm light, natural light, white light, color temperature from 2700K-6500K free adjustment (stepless color tuning).

Single channel LED ceiling light 2.4G remote dimming power supply, its series number is power supply power ÷1, one three-wire output, its current is about 135mA. For example, 36W single-channel LED ceiling lamp, its string number is 36, two color temperature parallel number 2 parallel, one three-wire output (one 3P terminal line, the middle is a common positive pole).

Dual-channel LED ceiling light 2.4G remote dimming power supply, its series number is power supply power ÷2, two three-wire output, its current is about 270mA. For example, 84W dual-channel LED ceiling lamp, its string number is 42, two color temperature parallel number 2, a total of two three-input output (two 3P terminal lines, the middle is a common positive pole).

Note: 2.4G remote dimming power supply can be used to connect the host to the secondary, wattage can be matched at will. The wattage can be expanded from 12W to 200W to maintain synchronization.

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