5 thoughts on “What are the most expensive cats in the world?”

  1. In fact, there are different claims, but no matter what, only three kinds of cats can be ranked into the world's most expensive pet lists, as follows
    (according to the most common sayings from low to high)
    1, Khao Manee (Diamond (Diamondd Eye Cat)
    The types of breeding in Thailand

    2, bengal cat
    The hybridization of Leopard Cat () and the cat

    American cultivation n R n

    3, savannah cat
    The largest family cat types

    is also hybrid, mainly hybridization with cats n

    . This is not the most expensive pet list, but she is the most expensive, but although the most expensive is the most expensive However, it is not like the first three. This cannot be bought ~
    is a leopard cat.

  2. Ashla.
    12,000 pounds. About 180,000. And you can't buy it. Global limit.

    It is only 10 for sale each year. Essence Most of them are celebrities. Famous rich people can buy it. It is quite difficult to buy ordinary people. Ask for praise

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