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  1. The small sticky pets
    This pets, now many young people who are struggling in the city, pets are both their companions and their listeners. So the pets that are sticky can not only resolve loneliness, but also increase the fun of life. Let's understand the pets of small sticky people.
    This pets with small sticky people 1 sticky and quiet small pets are mainly two categories: cats and dogs, including oriental cats, folding -eared cats, Cinis curly cats, beautiful short, English short, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Siam, Luo Cat, Persian Cat, Bisheng, Fa Dou, Sherry, Bagu, Teddy and other varieties, in addition, hamsters, chinchillas, golden bears, Dutch pigs, small incense pigs, lizards, honey bags, body shape, body shape, body shape, body shape, body shape, body shape, body shape Small, easy to carry.
    S small pets that are sticky and quiet

    small pets that are sticky and raised without noise, generally include cats, dogs, hamsters, chinals, lizards, etc. Human varieties include Oriental Cats, Fold Ear Cats, Copanis Rolling Cats, Beautiful Short, British Short, Siamese Cats, Persian Cats, etc.

    . The dogs are more sticky and quiet. Generally, there are Bear, Fa Dou, Sherry, Bay, Teddy, etc. Everyone is very kind and friendly, and it is very simple to raise.

    This hamster, chinchilla, golden bears, Dutch pigs, small incense pigs, lizards, honey bags, etc. are all sticky pets, and they are very small and can be directly put into large pockets. The kind of one can usually let go and play freely, and it is generally not screaming.
    The pets that can be used to stick to people. The smaller figures are honey bags, golden bears, hamsters, etc., which are basically easy to be familiar, and can quickly use and get used to sticking to the owner. For example, cats, pet mink, parrot, chinchillas, squirrels, etc. are all pets that can be used, and they will also be very sticky.
    three common pets that can be used to be sticky
    1. Honey bags
    The honey bags are small and the boldness is relatively small. After being able to be able to be sticky, you will become very sticky, and like to be on the master and body. However, it is best not to start with honeybags, and it is easy to be bitten.
    2. Golden silk bears

    The golden bears are very docile. Basically, it can be raised for a few days, and then you can let the golden bears get started at will. At the same time, the golden bear's territory is strong, and he prefers to stick the owner. He needs to play with it often when breeding.
    3. Hamsia mouse
    In fact, golden bears are also a kind of hamster, but the two character are completely different. The hamster has a lively personality. In addition to the need to accompany people, you also need to exercise every day. , But it's easier to get started.
    What are the ten tens of pets of small sticky pets?
    Thisy pets are: Big Brother, Angru Mink, Honey Bags, Demon King Pine Squirrels, Cat Cat Hamsters, turtles, fish, chinchillas.
    1, My Neighbor Totoro
    The short -tailed hairy mouse is larger, with a body length of 30 to 38cm, and a tail length of about 10cm; the long tail fur rat body is small, the body length is 24 to 28cm, the tail length is 14 14 ~ 15cm. Generally, female rats weigh 510 ~ 710g, and males weigh 425 to 570g. The first half is like a rabbit, the second half is like a rat, the ears are blunt, and the tail is fluffy. The eyes are bright, and there are many long beards on both sides of the nose. Standard hair mice are blue and gray, the abdomen is gradually lighter to white, and there is a clear white strap in the middle of the abdomen.

    2. Brother
    Aazi, with a body length of 23-28cm. The whole body is black, with a long and vertical feather cluster in the forehead. The tail feathers and tails are covered with white endless spots. The mouth of the mouth is yellow and yellow, and it is mainly inhabited in the secondary broad -leaved forest, bamboo forest and forest forests of low mountain hills and mountains below 2000m of altitude. Locust, crickets, golden turtles, snakes, caterpillars, land tigers, flies, lice and other insects and insect larvae are eaten, and plant foods such as grains, plant fruits and seeds.
    3. Hamsters
    It is a subcate of the hamster in biological classification. There are 18 species of 7 genus, of which there are 8 species of 3 genus, which is commonly known as hamster. In addition to the small hamsters distributed in Central Asia, the cheeks have cheeks, which can be temporarily stained in the cave. The eyes are small, the ears are hairy, and the ear shell is revealed. The length of the body is from 50 mm to 340 mm. Temperee animals are the most common in open areas.
    4. Puppet cats
    The puppet cats originated in the United States and are a hybrid pet cat. It is one of the largest and heaviest cats in the existing body. The head is wedge -shaped, with large and round eyes, rich in hair, long limbs and fleshy, long tail, soft body, key color, gloves, two colors, etc. The puppet cat is more docile and good, friendly to people. Its beautiful and elegant and very similar to the character of a dog is also known as "Fairy Cat", "Puppy Cat". The special appearance and gentle character are one of the biggest characteristics of puppet cats.
    The pets of small sticky pets.
    1, my brother
    is more common in southern China. It is both an important agricultural and forestry bird and a popular pet bird. The most special thing is to imitate human speech. Imagine the greetings when you go home. Do you feel that the fatigue of the day has dissipated a lot.
    . Angru Mink
    One of the more common pet semings. With a small figure, soft and cute expression, super high IQ, in the United States, Europe, Japan, supporting Anger Lu Mink has become a fashion, and pet marten has become the third largest pet under the dog and cat.
    3. Honey bags
    This small animal that can be kept in the pocket is honey bags. They can skate, drowsiness, especially sticky owners. Due to the low temperature of the honey bag body temperature, special attention should be paid to controlling temperature
    4. The demon king pine squirrel n The demon king pine rat is smart and interacts with the owner, so when choosing a cage It is convenient for them to move. Imagine that they are holding a pine cones to be mad there, and it's too cute. Welcome. The ever -changing colors and patterns are also where they are attractive. However, pay attention to the control of feeding and temperature when breeding
    6. The puppet cat
    The puppet cat is definitely the face value in the cat industry. A pair of blue eyes are particularly attractive. The puppet cats also like to be close to others. They always turn around the owner and look at you with a pair of big eyes.

    7. Golden Retriever
    Golden retriever always gives people a kind of big brother. They are enthusiastic, love and people interact. In addition Four, the owner can remember as long as he teaches instructions several times.
    8, hamster
    This kind of furry, rounded little cute, captured the hearts of many girls. Don't look at them small, in fact, they are particularly human, as long as it is familiar with you, they are particularly happy to play with you.
    9. Chinchillas
    The people learned about the animals of My Neighbor Totoro through Miyazaki's movie. In reality, they are also super cute. Totoro has a docile temperament and does not bite people. She likes to bask in the sun. From a distance, it is like a meat ball, but the breeding conditions are a bit particular, and they need to be carefully raised.
    10. The princess rabbit
    The princess rabbit is cute, lively and active, and very easy to raise. Just supplement the food on time and clean up the feces. To interact with the princess rabbit, so that it can remember you faster

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