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  1. Until now, many people still insist that feeding cats with leftovers is more reliable than cat food. However, as we all know, the body structure of cats is very different from humans, and cannot digest the same amount as human food or the same proportion saturated fatty acid, sugar, or chemically synthesized trans fats, let alone various food additives that humans can afford. Therefore, these seemingly friendly and simple foods will also adversely affect the cat's weight.
    The conversion of food needs to be gradual. Cats are very sensitive and flexible animals. If she is used to hovering under the table and waiting for the food in the plate, it will suddenly refuse to make her be at a loss, and even be patiently searching for food in the place you don't want, you know.
    It 1/4 conventional food of 1/4 of the past two days is recommended to replace cat food in low calories, and the rest remain unchanged. Then gradually increase the proportion of cat food, about the fifth day, cat food is about 3/4. In this way, a cat will transition to new food more comfortably after a week. Then you can refer to the corresponding adjustment of the daily calorie intake calculated above.
    Then talk about snacks. The too frequent snacks between the two meals are the most likely to make cats round. The commercially available cat snacks have the functions of supplementing iron and a variety of beneficial fatty acids. Proper meals are good for health, but don't look at the size of each bite. See the cat boring. A person kept chewing cookies for a moment.
    The research shows that just reducing the change of small snacks can help most cats significantly reduce weight.

  2. In addition to cat food, these foods can also be used as a staple food for cats. What do you fed?

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