2 thoughts on “My child was bitten by someone from someone else's family, how to calculate the compensation”

  1. When the child is bitten by someone else's cat, the compensation can be determined how much it needs to be determined according to the specific circumstances. It meets the conditions of compensation. Essence
    Legal analysis
    The owner of the cat should compensate this damage. After being bitten by the cat, the two parties can negotiate and deal with it. Mediation. Bite the cat's owner should be compensated by the cat's owner. The scope of compensation includes all the losses, including the money of rabies vaccine and globulin, other medical expenses, the money of the bite pants, if there are other subsequent treatment costs, Subsequent medical expenses must also be compensated, medical transportation, catering costs, and nutritional expenses for medical treatment. Wait, these things are based on invoices, pay attention to retain the invoice. Actual losses should be claimed, such as: medical expenses, misunderstandings, transportation expenses, etc.; due to mental pain, you can claim compensation for mental damage, and the specific amount can be determined by yourself. If the breeding animals cause damage to others, the animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability for infringement, but it can prove that the infringer is caused by intentional or major negligence by the infringer, and shall not bear or reduce the responsibility. The specific losses refer to the content of personal damage compensation and calculate the actual losses. If you cause physical damage, you should compensate for medical treatment, misunderstanding, care, transportation, accommodation, food subsidy, necessary nutrition and other costs during the hospitalization; if the damage reaches the level of disability, the disability compensation, disabled assistance appliances, and being supported Living expenses, as well as necessary rehabilitation, nursing costs, and follow -up treatment fees that are actual due to rehabilitation care and continuing treatment.
    The legal basis
    "The Code of the People's Republic of China"
    1145 animals that cause others to damage others, the animal breeder or administrator shall bear the liability of infringement; but It can prove that the damage is caused by the intentional or major fault by the infringer, and may not bear or reduce the responsibility.
    It 1,246: If a security measures are not damaged by others to cause safety measures to cause safety measures, the animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability for infringement; As a result, responsibility can be reduced.
    1147 Article 1,247 Dangerous animals such as fierce dogs that are banned cause damage to others, and animal breeders or managers shall bear the liability for infringement.

  2. When the child was bitten by someone else's cat, he could ask the cat owner to compensate the child's medical expenses and other losses.
    The "Infringement Liability Law":
    Ittecodible to the cause of human damage to others, the reasonable expenses of medical expenses, nursing fees, and transportation expenses should be compensated income. If the disability is caused, the auxiliary of the disabled life shall be compensated to the cost of disability and compensation for disability. Those who cause death shall also compensate the funeral expenses and death compensation.

    The animal breeder or manager shall bear the infringement liability for damage to others, but it can prove that the damage is caused by the intention of the infringer. Brotter or reduce responsibility.

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