4 thoughts on “As a novice Xiaobai, how to choose the most suitable cat?”

  1. As a Xiaobai, you have to look at your ability to accept. If you want cheap, you can choose to breed the hometown of Chinese hometown. This cat is actually very common in rural areas, and the price is not expensive for dozens of dollars. Usually in some pet markets or live poultry markets in some farmers' markets, sometimes it is easy to see some people with some kittens for sale. Essence The advantage of this hometown of Chinese hometown is that the price is cheap and it is easy to raise.
    It this kind of cat can not only look at the home care but also to catch mice. My family also had such hometown cats before. Once such cats were raised, they would catch mice at night, so the home basically basically basically There is no mouse, and it is reassuring to put things. These cats like to sleep when they are okay, and sometimes they like to make trouble with us. If we take some wooden sticks to tease these kittens, we will play with us with our hands. Sometimes they will roll on the ground, especially cute. Of course, this kind of cat will also have the stickiness and cuteness of pet cats, but it needs to give more attention, and slowly this cat adapts.
    If of your own economic strength, you can choose Persian cat. Persian cats are pet -grade cats. This cat is relatively noble. Generally speaking, the cheapest starting price is 1,000 ~ 3,000 yuan. If it is pure blood, it will start 8,000 yuan. Economic strength can afford it, but this cat does have many benefits.
    This cat resistance ability is very strong, and the face value is very high, the ability to adapt to the environment is very strong, the personality is very docile, and it is very sticky. Besides, this cat is not easy to get angry. The child hurts him, and it will not catch and bite, so this cat is called a pet -grade cat, which is also a certain factors. Of course, pet -level cats are often not cheap, so Xiaobai, a novice, depends on his ability.

  2. As a novice Xiaobai, if you want to choose the most suitable cat, you need to look at what kind of cat you like, and then choose a relatively easy -to -raise cat, such as British shortness. It is very itchy, and the price is not particularly expensive, it is suitable for some novice Xiaobai to raise.

  3. At this time, you should choose a good cat, you should consider the cat's personality, and then you should also pay attention to the price. You must choose a purebred cat. You can choose a British short -haired cat. You can choose a short -haired cat in the United States. Garfield.

  4. If you have n’t raised cats in your life, I suggest you choose blue cats, or you can choose American short -haired cats or Persian cats and Garfield. The physical fitness is very good.

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