1 thought on “Why does the big cat eat one after giving birth to a nest?”

  1. Reason 1: Lao cats are insufficient postpartum nutrition. It doesn't mean that you give enough food and water, there will be no malnutrition of old cats, malnutrition is what cats appear during pregnancy. Next time I remember to buy some fresh fish during pregnancy (about 5 lengths 5 (about 5 length 5 length 5 ~ 6 cm) Stewed soup for the old cat, it should be often, about 2 weeks after the kitten is weaned. (I used to buy a small fish to eat it every day, for 3 months.) Reason 2: The old cat thinks is not safe, which may be caused by the surrounding environment. The behavior like cats will make the old cat feel unsafe and eat the kitten. Reason 3: During the period when the kitten was born, people should not contact the kitten too much, so as not to confuse the smell on the kitten, cause the old cat to identify their children through the smell, and may bite the kitten.

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