5 thoughts on “Can cats get on the bus?”

  1. Cats should not take the bus.
    First of all, buses belong to public transportation, and public transport regulations prohibit pets such as cats.
    Secondly, carrying cats on the bus will also cause trouble to other passengers, such as frightening or allergies. In the end, when carrying a cat to go out, it is recommended to take a taxi such as a taxi and other private transportation, and the cat needs to be placed in a cat's bag to avoid the cat's hair from drifting in the car.

  2. When riding a bus, it is not allowed to carry a pet cat. The bus is public transport and is prohibited from carrying a car, except for the conductive guide dog.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer cats cannot take the bus. Bus and subway are the most commonly used transportation, but both are strictly prohibited from bringing cats. Only in some cities to guide dogs can be allowed to take a car with the owner. I usually take a cat to go out and suggest that the owner chooses to take a taxi or online taxi. Of course, this does not mean that cats can use taxis. Before a taxi, you must ask the driver if you can bring your cat. If the driver is not allowed, try to change the car. To communicate in advance, ask drivers and other guests to discuss whether to bring cats, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and losses.nThe taboos of cats; 1. Cats cannot use corporal penalties, which will make them hate you. Cats are well -known tricks. They often rely on their curiosity to do bad things. In order to make cats smart and sensible, cat education is inevitable. However, do not punish cats with violence. The cat's personality is already very sensitive. Cats with good temperament may be good, but once the cat has a bad temper, it will not be obedient and may even respond. If you can not be rough to the cat, your relationship with them will be very good. 2. The cat dare not go out, don't take it out. Cats dare not go out. If you like to bring a pet that can show off, the dog is more suitable for you. The cats who have raised their family are timid and have a long family life, which makes them particularly sensitive to the unfamiliar things. Want to make the cat out more like abuse, which will panic. Going out not only affects their mental health, but cats are also susceptible to the frightening of outdoor noise. They run around. Once the cat runs away, it will almost not come back. 3. Cats are afraid of getting fat, obesity is a disease. Many shovel officers have a special goodwill for 'fat cat'. They think that cute fat cats feel good, and they must not turn their cats into round fat cats. This is actually a very wrong idea. It is a bad thing for cats. Excessive obesity will cause a burden on the cat's body, leading to a variety of diseases, and even shortening the life of the cat. To control the weight of the cat reasonably, it usually takes more time to play with the cat. Do not wait until the cat grows up into a fat cat, and then it will be troublesome to lose weight.

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