Can cats eat oil and salt?

Can cats eat oil and salt? How should a cat's diet match? What should I pay attention to when matching?

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  1. You can eat it, but you can't eat too much. Because there is no sweat glands on the cat's skin, the salt in the body must be excreted through the kidneys. If it is too salty, it will increase the load of the kidneys and cause kidney failure. Cats will vomit if you eat too much oil, so try not to give it too much oil, a small amount.
    The cat salt can still be eaten, but it is necessary to eat moderately to maintain the infiltration of the body fluid and the balance of electrolytes. Generally speaking, one -third of the normal salt amount of human beings can be eaten. Therefore, in the usual life, the cat's diet owner should be less salt and less oily.
    The expansion information: Feeding precautions:

    1. The cat's food plate should be used fixedly and cannot be replaced casually. Cats are very sensitive to changing the food plate, and sometimes refuse to eat because they change the food plate. Keep the food plate clean. Under the dietary plate, you can put newspapers or plastic paper, etc. to prevent the sound of the food dish from sliding, and it is also easy to clean. Every time the cat is leftover, it should be poured or put away. When the next feeding is mixed with fresh food and cooks it.
    2. Feeding should be regularly fixed. Once the creature clock of the cat "rice" is formed, it is relatively fixed and should not be changed at will. The place where the cat food is fixed should be fixed. The cat does not like to eat food in the noise of the noise. If there are guests come to the cat, do not let the guests watch your cat when the cat eats food. The appearance of a stranger will greatly reduce the cat's. appetite.
    3. Cats have a bad habit of eating food or eating food on the outside of the food plate. Once this phenomenon is found, it is necessary to adjust immediately to make corrections.
    4. Cats like warm food. Cold food not only affects the appetite of the cat, but also causes digestive disorders. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the food should be at 30 to 40 ° C. The food taken from the refrigerator should be heated before feeding.

  2. Simple oil and salt cats must not eat it, but they cook it, roast chicken, beef, and fish are cheerful! It doesn't matter, my cat bought chicken liver and steamed buns together to feed it together! Love very much!

  3. You should be able to put, the rice I eat my hat is mixed with our vegetable soup, and there is no poisoning after eating.

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