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  1. Online game type:

    Ryl Elf

    game Address: PETS.Real/
    I have evaluated: What do you say, I haven't played it down, so I can't say anything Essence
    Encyclopedia Introduction: There is no need to foam in the game. Friends and pets in your game can also be displayed on your desktop at any time to interact with you.
    In the game, the player's homeland is no longer a unique household, with a limited field of vision, but 1 ladder and 4 households. The homeland of several other players is clear at a glance. It is a real fantasy community.
    304*266 window game, allowing players to relax while working, work and entertainment, and play MMO casual games in small windows, allowing you to experience a delicate and delicate atmosphere.
    This operation, intuitive and convenient, so that more general public experience games fun
    You just have a childlike heart.
    The game of the game is slow and free of freedom.

    Multi -cat

    game Address:/
    The evaluation: playing, quite interesting pet game. Sometimes it is good to like to run around.
    Encyclopedia Introduction: As a 3D desktop pet game, "Multi -Cat 2.0" has extremely rich content and fun. Your computer desktop is my home, and you are my biggest backing. I am not a silly wooden doll. I will laugh and cry and say that I will be hanging in trouble, and I will help you chase the TA in your dreams. Feeding, dressing, working, learning, training, collecting, synthesis, tablet, chat, PK, news, theater, tasks, photography, videos, multi -functional communities ... You think of and unexpected gameplay, "Multi -Cat 2.0" Yes, Keke, or there will always be in the future ...

    The pocket Westward Journey
    game address:/club/zhuanti/kdxy/
    Chinese classic masterpiece "Journey to the West" is a large 3D multi -person online game for the background. The game is equipped with the world's first "diversified pet training system", and the three characteristics of "capture, cultivation, and reinforcement" in traditional pet online games are only part of the "diversified pet training system". "Inheritance" and other dozens of pet system characteristics will allow players to obtain unprecedented multi -line interactive development experience. These are the game characteristics of more than 10 years of the Pokemon series. The naked plagiarism is unyielding
    Is in the world's first "diversified pet training system", everyone's familiar "Tengyun driving fog" and "seventy -two changes" It will also be perfectly reproduced in "Journey to the West". Driving the clouds, changing the shape as you want, and accompanied by pet partners, set foot on a magical West Tiantian adventure. This is the world's top game experience that "Journey to the West" to bring to the majority of Chinese players.

    game Address: Newgame.17173/Content/2007-02-19/.shtml (not yet out, just introduce)
    What is it, but it is very exciting, the same name of the same name is even more amazing!
    Encyclopedia Introduction: The well -known game "Monster Farm" series launched the online game version of "Monster Farm Online". It launched a public test in Japan yesterday. Players will experience living with cute monsters in the online game world to cultivate monsters And starting adventure will have the opportunity to have exclusive super monsters. [/FONT]
    "Monster Farm Online", which is collaborated by TECMO and Gamepot, launched a public test from 3 pm on February 26, Japan time, and scheduled to start official services on March 5th. In addition to the 12 kinds of monsters, there will also be new cute monsters, allowing players to cultivate.
    The game mainly emphasizes the three features of raising, farm and conference. Players can feed monsters, let it grow day by day, and lead it to adventure and exercise. The way of player cultivation, such as different adventure methods, different foods, etc. It will affect the size of the monster, body color, personality, etc., so that players have unique monsters.
    The game also provides a "farm" like the player's "own home", allowing players and monsters to have a place where rest. Players can decorate according to their personal preferences and get various materials or find ways to get from adventure. Machining layout, good farms will also affect the mood of monsters.
    It also, the game also allows players to lead the beloved monster to fight in the form of a "conference". The form of the game from one -on -one to group battles, knockout games, etc. As for the competition, players and monsters can also get honor.

    It website game type:

    Cat travel notes:
    game address: PET.MOP/2/4/15
    But it takes money. Except for the numbness of the operation, the program is too simple, everything else.
    Encyclopedia Introduction: Rather than keeping pets, it is better to play pets by yourself. Cat travel notes do not need to download the client or plug -in, you only need to open the browse
    to play the game. The game system includes grading, class chat, equipment, skills, props, forging synthesis, PK, team, friends, union and copy maps. The game type is based on MMORPG, including the strategy and the characteristics of the development of the game; the game setting is mainly based on real themes. The background of the story is fantasy, and it also contains the elements of certain martial arts and fairy tales.

    Moore manor
    game address:/
    The evaluation: Listening to some children said that this game is very interesting and novel. But I played this is a little old, so I did n’t test it for everyone = = |||.
    Encyclopedia Introduction: Moore Manor is a secure, healthy and puzzled virtual interactive community web game designed for children 7-12 years old in China. Integrate virtual image dressing, virtual huts, interactive games, and love to be integrated, providing children with comprehensive interactive entertainment platforms. But open to all ages. Therefore, there are strict membership review mechanisms and reporting mechanisms to ensure that Moore Manor is a good child of a good child.

    P Pocket Monster
    C game Address:/Pokemon/
    Personal evaluation: Web game, not using Flash, so it may be monotonous.
    Encyclopedia Introduction: No

    Angel pet

    game address: bbs.game.china/put.php
    There is no Flash, relatively monotonous.
    Encyclopedia Introduction: No

    game address:/
    The evaluation: American games, although it is a web game, but many multimedia used in the United States Technology, web pages give people a dynamic feeling, and the style of painting is very cute, you can also design web pages by yourself, which is full of interesting. (I admit that the photos of this Youyou are insignificant = =)
    The introduction: Noro Pets (English: Neopets) is an online virtual pet game. The Pets of Noa were designed to boring college students at first, but the users of this website quickly spread all over the age layers. (Many adults play at this station, and some play with their children). One of the most popular mainstream sites on the Internet. This website was Adam Powell and Donna Williams opened to the public on November 15, 1999, and the web designer Doug Dohring held the largest control shares shortly after its founding. The company is currently owned by Viacom and is worth $ 160 million.

    P pocket Elf 2
    (Too degenerate! Even the picture is not!)
    game address:/pm/html/other/wxbzcw-kamlwmzx_51 n I evaluate: It seems that this game hasn't appeared yet, it feels very exciting! But I have to say that the plagiarism is serious, and even the brown ants in the pets are plagiarized in Rainbow Island.
    Encyclopedia Introduction: Pokemon, as a world -renowned classic game, has left a deep impression in our minds. But it is inevitable to have aesthetic fatigue after watching it for a long time. Now "Pokemon 2" brings you the super cute pocket monster. Five -series babies adopt with you, the most lovely and most entertaining pet web game in the world, allowing you to play with your beloved pets anytime, anywhere at work. rnrn单机游戏类型:rnrn口袋妖怪系列rn游戏平台:rn有口袋妖怪战斗革命、红、黄、蓝、绿、金、 Silver, crystal, fire red, leaf green, ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl, diamonds and other versions. Among them, Pokemon red, yellow, blue, green, gold, silver, and crystal versions can be based on handheld GB (GameBoy), GBC (), GBA () platform, pocket monster red, leaf green, ruby, sapphire, emerald version version It can only be based on the GBA () and NDS () platforms. Pokemon diamonds and pearls can only be based on the NDS () platform.
    of course, some new games (Dark Road Kia, etc.) have also been launched on platforms such as NGC and Wii in recent years.
    It, there are many non -orthodox versions, pocket Monster Arena 1/2 (N64), hello Pikachu (N64), Pokemon Snapshot (N64), Pokemon Card (GBC), Pokemon Popular Balli Table (GBC), Pocket Monster Popped Pearl Terrace Emperors/Sapphire (GBA), Pokemon's incredible maze (GBA/NDS), Pokemon Box (NGC), Pokemon Channel (NGC), Pokemon Arena (NGC), etc. Essence

    The evaluation: Nintendo is strong. Pokemon is one of Nintendo's masterpieces. From the earliest monochrome game red, yellow and blue version to the current high -quality picture of the pearl diamond version, it has been various. The 3D version, all of them are the favorite of the masses. A new rescue queue has also been made, so that players are full of eyes.
    Encyclopedia Introduction: Pokemon is a handheld game developed by Nintendo, Japan. There are many ways to translate, pocket monsters, Pokémon, pet elf, etc. Among them, Taiwan's translation is Pokémon, and it should be a unified translation of Chinese. The well -known Japanese cartoon "Pokémon" is adapted according to it.
    Plebar Monster English original text: Pocket Monster, there are many abbreviations, such as: pokemon, poke, PM, etc.
    The background of the game is roughly: in modern society, humans and pocket monsters are also coexisted. Humans are in harmony with them, and there are many occupations related to Pokemon, such as trainers, trainers, etc. Pokemon can usually be reduced in a ball called an elf ball. The trainer is taken on his body or placed in his pocket, so the "Pokemon" is named. The protagonist of the story is a pocket monster trainer who aims to become the best trainer and embarks on the road of fighting against other trainers. A variety of interesting things happened during the way, and the protagonist also met many good friends. They were walking on the way to becoming an excellent trainer.

    The pasture of the pasture

    game platform:
    pastoral Story GB 1997.12.19
    In retrospective: With the release of GB, blow a handheld handheld The upsurge, so the company also had a chance to sell a one on the GB. The release of the game is a large number of people. They do not have to worry about being unable to play the ranch at any time. Everything on this handheld is perfectly realized. You can play anytime, anywhere, this is the charm of the handheld. In this game, you can choose the male and female protagonists to play the game, which increases the fun of the game. At that time, GB was able to connect to the machine. The manufacturer did not let go of this favorable function, and could exchange various things with friends to enrich themselves. The excellent system that disappears in this game is the wedding system.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------rnrn牧场物语2 N64 1999.02.05
    retrospective: The progress of the times ushered in the latest platform of Ren's, which brings a new look to the development of the game. The ranch series has never stopped. After the N64 was released, the pasture appeared again. This appeared again. This appeared again. This appeared again. This appeared again. The second is the second work of orthodox. The game retains consistent freshness, and has added many trigger events to make the game richer and improve the game. The livestock was retained before the sheep. It may be boring to do the same thing for a long time, so various competitions have been added to enrich your life. New works must have new things. This work adds backpacks and tool upgrade systems. You do n’t need to run back and forth to change the tools. The upgrade of the tools is more complicated than the upgrade of previous works. rise. The picture also has a grade, which can be said to be a pastoral revolution.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

    /GBC 1999.08.06
    In retrospective: The release of GBC brings colorful mobile pastures. Each release will always be added. This game is no exception. The choice of pets is no longer a single dog. After joining the kitten, the map is no longer limited to a pasture, and finally opened up the outside world. You can go out to the town to talk to the villagers to increase the favorability of the other party. The great expansion of the place has allowed players who are tired of playing in the pasture to re -experience that it is not just the pasture. Increasing the notepad of the game can make more clearly show your current situation, total assets. Looking at the results of your labor, you will have a sense of accomplishment in your heart.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

    The boy meets the girl GBC 2000.09.29
    The retrospective: The addition of the subtitles has increased the fun of the game. Maybe this is the beginning of the real pastoral. You can see an interesting subtitle in the future. There is no GB among the game adaptation models. There is always a plot of the ranch taking over. The plot of this game is the death of a ranch owner, leaving a daughter. It is not very good to operate the ranch, so there is a friend's son to assist her plot, so the wonderful days began ..., the game improves some systems, making the life in the game more colorful.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Monthly boy PS 2000.12.07
    Review: One game is divided into two versions -boys and girls, of course, two games cannot be exactly the same. There will be more items in the girl version. This work laid many later works, such as the ore town partners (also divided into boys and girls) on the GBA, and the PSP version released recently on the latest handheld. Based on this as a blueprint, the proper adjustment is generated. Of course, the elf in the game will not fall, but the ability to cultivate the elves can only be taken. The trigger events of this work are also surprisingly cool. It is really cool. The PS model has increased the water product of this game by one level.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

    The Heat PS2 2001.07.05
    In retrospective: Finally, the real 3D, the powerful function of PS2 first showed this work, and the works of this work, the picture of this work seems to have leapt several times more than a few times the picture. Ah, the picture is easy and soft, and it is very comfortable to look at. But any change in this work has changed, and the task has changed from previous management ranch to rescue villages. This is a lot of playability.
    The deletion of details is also particularly serious. In this work, you can't find the taste of previous works, and you don't know how to express it. The many endings of the game have increased the game's durability to a certain extent.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

    The partner boys GBA 2003.04.18/2003.12.12
    In retrospective: It may be that the company's uninterrupted company has silent for two years, and finally broke out again. The platform chose Nintendo's pillar handheld GBA. The strongest 2D portable game console did not live up to us, and he resurrected the ranch again. It has been mentioned before the game that the PS version is made as a blueprint. The function of the GBA perfectly shows this game, and once again set off the ranch style, bright pictures and relaxed music to get rid of the shadow of PS2. The sub -title of the game reveals the mine. There are 255 floors in the mine. Presumably everyone must remember to dig the ground with S/L Dafa. The girls and PS versions are basically the same. Various animals can be found in various seasons.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

    Boy boy NGC 2003.09.12/2004.07.08
    In retrospective: Nintendo's 128 -bit host appeared under the oppression of PS2. The pasture will never let go of any opportunity to make money, seize this opportunity, and publish new works here.
    of course, the game is changed to full 3D, and the game club sets the game period. Over time, you and the people around you will change. It has strengthened the authenticity of the game. Ren's machine always does not forget the concept of interaction. NGC can be connected with GBA, thereby opening something that could not be obtained and unable to reach. The place of this work starts with forgetting the valley, and the GBA ore town can be linked after continuous movement. This time the girl version appeared relatively late, and there was no big difference between the two versions, but each time I always added a new element .....

    ------ ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------rnrn牧场物语OH! The wonderful life PS2 2004.11.11
    In review: The second ranch on PS2 is grandly appeared. The name is similar to the NGC version. In fact, the content is very similar. The changes are not great. For players who have played the NGC version, This work has reduced enthusiasm to a certain extent. But there are still a certain highlight. The boy of this work can finally be replaced. Only girls can be used in the NGC version, which breaks this unequal rule. It has also changed in terms of fertility. In the past, it was only possible to have a boy, and the girl was added in this game. There are no special highlights.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

    Poetry NGC 2005.03.03
    In review: It appeared again in NGC. The story took place in Huazhiya Village. The village chief of this village recruited the ranch owner to manage the pasture, so the protagonist certainly assume this heavy responsibility. The pasture is no longer a specific venue, there will be three places. Of course, the past days have begun again, but this time it is no longer as easy as before, because this game has joined competitors, he will fight with you, to complete it hard, do not fall behind others. One of the highlights of this work. And people in the village will increase because of your achievements. The task of the game is to collect sound to awaken the goddess of petrification. There are many highlights of this work, and they have obtained better evaluations.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------rnrn牧场物语精灵驿站Boy's NDS 2005.03.17/2005.12.08
    The retrospective: The release of NDS and PSP caused a sensation, one based on fun as the main business, and one based on technology. Both platforms appeared on the ranch series. Let's talk about the pasture on the NDS. Because of the novelty of the machine, the gameplay of NDS's pasture has developed new development, and the lower screen has become a medium for intimate contact with animals and people. The use of a touch pen can easily manage animals and increase intimacy. The interaction objects in the game can be regarded as the best, including witch, goddess, princess, mermaid, etc. are all the objects of marriage. From the name of the game, we can know that the relationship between this game and the elf is closely related. The number of elf is also quite amazing in this game, and it will provide the protagonist with various services and messages. The content of the girls afterwards is basically the same. How can players with NDS play such a good game!

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

    Boys and girls PSP 2005.12.8
    The retrospective: PSP version of the ranch. According to the original PS transplantation, the general content is the same, there is nothing new.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

    Both new handhelds have published new pasture works. From the picture and introduction of the secondary work, it will be different from the past ranch. From the picture, I am expensive. I saw another word "new" that made us think about it .........
    icated to welcome the new pasture! ~~

    The evaluation: I like this series of games very much, not only highly simulate life, but also not the color of cartoons Intersection Start with nourishing livestock! You have to be good to your livestock, you will have a return! Intersection

    Encyclopedia Introduction: The type of game is to simulate the development of life. The game is to travel with the parents of the owner and leave the farm to take care of the owner. At that time After a break, he firmly grasped a large FANS. The game is as similar to real life to improve the fun of the game. It also has each time of each day, and there will be different things at a specific time. The game is mainly cultivated livestock and planting plants. You can quickly integrate the player into the game. marry. The game focuses on leisure. Dogs, chickens and other animals in the game are very cute, treat them well.

    The beautiful girl dream factory series

    game platform: PC

    Essence Essence Essence I have to say that this is raised, but as long as you have love, people can also be used as pets! Intersection Intersection *Being flying on the spot*

    Encyclopedia Introduction: "Princess Maker and プ リ ン セ ス メ ー カ ー カ ー カ ー カ ー カ メ ー カ) are a series of breeding games launched by Japan GAINAX, all of which have launched a Chinese version.

    Monster farm series
    game platform: GBA
    M my evaluation: adapted by the animation of the same name, if you do n’t understand Japanese, you can read English, combined with training pets and pets. In a game, a novel tug -of -war battle mode allows you to train your pets and raise pets. You can also mix pets to produce new pets.
    Encyclopedia Introduction: No

    Ittaid life 2 Pets

    game platform: PC
    I have not played, the above is pretty good. In any case, the simulation life series is still very satisfactory.
    Encyclopedia Introduction:
    released on October 17, 2006.
    Players can raise dogs and cats as pets and train their pets to make money. Players can prevent pets from performing some behaviors by scolding and encouraging pets by praise. The game has added three different pet occupations: the preservation, entertainment, and service industry. It is like a simulated job. Pets must fulfill some things to win promotion.
    The new human race: werewolf. Simply human beings will become werewolves after being bitten by the wolf wolf.

    It simulation life: Pet Story
    game platform: clone
    I have not played it, the above is good, but in any case, the simulation life series still makes players very satisfying.
    Encyclopedia Introduction: "Sims Life Pet Story" is based on the sales of "Sims 2 Pets" with a sales volume of nearly 5 million units. Essence In the simple and easy -to -use "Sims Life Pet Story", players will be able to choose two very different characters Alice or Stephen. Through their respective life trajectory, they find that in the game, whether good or bad, pets are really true. Will have their own character!
    The official website: TheSims2.ea/About/Sims_Stories/Index.php

  2. I only found some, incomplete, and a year ago, the pet who could not find the website replaced it with Baidu Encyclopedia. I hope to help you
    Baidu pet KE./view/1621421
    Neo pet KE./view/17924
    Cat travel notes/
    blue cat pet/

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