Can pets bring on the plane? International flights?

I'm going to South Africa! But my puppy has no place to foster! What should I do? Thank you!

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  1. Can.
    For pet dogs that need to do "overseas travel", the procedures that need to be handled are quite complicated. First of all, you should apply to the airline and agree to the relevant inspection and quarantine certificate.
    The staff of Wuxi Entry -Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau introduced that the pets who outbound have a "passport". According to the requirements of the "People's Republic of China in and out of the Import and Entry and Entry and Plant Quarantine Law" and the implementation regulations, the "Measures for the Management of Entry and Exit Persons", etc. Inspection of the institution, the inspection also provides the rabies vaccination certificate or the original copy of the immunization registration book issued by the animal health supervision department of the county level or above.
    At the same time, if the country or region has special quarantine requirements for entry partner animals, partner animal owners also need to provide rabies antibody detection reports and injection chip certificates.
    extension information
    Alipline consignment
    In three related certificates to animal hospitals, animal and plant quarantine units (or agricultural bureau animal husbandry centers) -
    1, animal immunization certificate
    2. Transportation device disinfection certificate (proof of disinfection of air boxes or homemade animal cages)
    3, animal quarantine certificate
    and then go to the airline freight department to check the check procedures and pay the goods. You can get the other party with your ID card.
    4. Installation requirements, the cage is required to be a reinforced structure. The chassis and the surroundings should be surrounded by iron. Only the above is a ventilated port. Poor the urine to contaminate other goods. On both sides of the cage, the climbers are used when extraction (can be made with lead wire).
    Reference materials: People's Daily-Sunan Shuo Fang Airport Pet "Overseas Tour" also needs "passport"

  2. Yes, go through the following levels.
    1. The "Chinese Civil Aviation Passenger and Luggage Transportation Rules" promulgated by the China Civil Aviation Administration stipulates that small animals refer to the cats and dogs raised by the family to play pets. Wildlife and animals such as weird or easy to hurt people such as snakes do not belong to small animals and cannot be transported as luggage, but can be used as cargo transportation. At the same time, the living animals that the shipper consignment is not shipped by the national embargo.
    It, general airlines stipulate that animals during pregnancy, animals within 48 hours of childbirth, and animals during breastfeeding cannot be checked.
    It airlines must place pets in the aerobic compartment of flights in order to ensure the safety of pets, which are limited to pets such as cats and dogs. Passengers should contact the airlines in advance to confirm animal cabin problems.
    2. Consignment channels
    Each company has different pet check -in channels. It can be roughly divided into two types of pets into two types: one is random transportation channels, and the other is to take the air freight channel.
    The so -called random transportation is the flight that pets will take with you, but you are sitting in the cabin and it is in the cargo cabin.
    It air freight channels refer to the shipping pets that will be transported by the airline's dedicated freight aircraft.
    It attention is to choose random transportation, and you can receive pets at the destination. And if pets are walking the freight channel, different flights may be that pets will wait for you at the airport first, or you may wait for it first.
    3. Quarantine certificate
    The airlines generally require passengers to provide animal quarantine certificates issued by the health quarantine department at or above the county level (effective health certificate and vaccine injection certificate). It should be noted here that the quarantine certificate is valid for 7 days, so it must be handled a few days in advance after determining the flight time.
    At the same time, taking international flights must also have valid documents required to transport small animals from the People's Republic of China and during transportation.
    4, packaging notice
    The containers of small animals in transportation should meet the following requirements:

    The animals must be installed in a strong container suitable for their characteristics. The container should prevent small animals from damaging, escaping and extending the container to damage passengers, luggage or goods, and prevent feces from overflowing, so as to prevent pollution of aircraft equipment and other items.
    (1) It can prevent small animals from damaging, escaping and extending the container to damage passengers, luggage or goods outside the container.
    (2) Ensure that air circulation does not cause small animals to suffocate.
    (3) It can prevent feces from overflowing, so as to prevent pollution, equipment and other items.
    (4) The size of the container: The airline generally has the size of the cage for the placement of pets, such as: China Southern Airlines stipulates that the maximum volume of the cage packaging of passengers to consign small animals must not exceed 40*60*100 cm. It is less than 5*15*20 cm, and the maximum weight must not exceed 50 kg; Hainan Airlines requires the width and height of the pet box to exceed 70cm × 100cm (B737 model), 115cm × 95cm (B767 model), 60cm × 90cm (A330 (A330 (A330 (A330 Model), 90 × 90cm (A340 model).

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer HellonYou can carry pets when you are flying. The small animals that the airline can transport refers to the domesticated dogs, cats, birds, or other pets.n1. According to the "Instructions for Air Passengers Carrying Pets", passengers who need to transport pets in the cabin need to apply 24 hours ahead of time to the ticket office of HNA. 2. You need to prepare two certificates. The first is the animal quarantine qualification certificate issued by animal health supervision agencies. The "Carrying Tools Disinfection" column must be filled in and stamped with animal hygiene supervision on the documents. 3. Pets should be packaged separately, and the total weight (including pets and pet boxes) must not exceed 5kg (including). The pet box should be placed under the front row of the chair. The length, width and height of the pet box must not exceed 35 x 28 x 24 cm. 4. For limited pet varieties that can be transported, at present, with HNA's "limited pet varieties", cats and dogs that are domesticated in general families. 5. It is required for more than 6 months, good health, not pregnant, and no delivery within 48 hours. Standard charges are 800 yuan per pet.nI hope my answer can help younMore 2nBleak

  4. If you can bring it yourself, if you raise others, others are not familiar with its living habits. It is not their own dogs and others will not love it. Before, a friend used a dog to foster, but it was lost. My cat and cat It ’s not that I would give it to it. It would not eat it. I later told my parents to help it for a while. They would not raise it and let it catch the mouse ~~ God, it won't catch it. And it still grew lice. There was no one before. It also played with wild cats everywhere and was lost. poor thing. Isn't it? You can only guarantee that you are good to it, and you can't guarantee that others are good to it. Tolls are as expensive as people live in hotels.
    has a way. If your dog is small, you can ensure that you can put it in your clothes without calling. In the box, it can stay inside for a while, but it is not a long time. I brought it back in my cat and put it in my small backpack. If they do not check, the insurance point is pretending to be pregnant.

  5. You can take the goods compartment, but the quarantine procedures will be very troublesome, and you will spend a lot of tickets. After arriving, there will be a period of time. If you are going to settle down and you can't bear your dog, you may take it together; if you just go for a while, I suggest you find a rest assured that you can support it for a while, and now some pet shops or dog houses also provide aggressive dog services.

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