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  1. How long does the cat do deworming depends on the age and physical condition of the cat, and the general cat can be deworming once in half a year.
    1. Cat deworming age: Kitter can do the first time after the full moon, but at this time it can only be driven. Go again.
    2, deworming interval time: This depends on the category of cat activities. If the cat is completely raised indoors, a conventional deworming is carried out every six months to a year; if the cat can go outside and contact the outside of the outside world, try to carry out conventional insect repellent every season.
    Pucting information: Catal Precautions:
    1. The cat's food plate should be used fixedly and cannot be replaced casually. Cats are very sensitive to changing the food plate, and sometimes refuse to eat because they change the food plate. Keep the food plate clean. Under the dietary plate, you can put newspapers or plastic paper, etc. to prevent the sound of the food dish from sliding, and it is also easy to clean.
    2. Feeding should be regularly fixed. Once the creature clock of the cat "rice" is formed, it is relatively fixed and should not be changed at will. The place where the cat food is fixed should be fixed. The cat does not like to eat food in the noise of the noise. If there are guests come to the cat, do not let the guests watch your cat when the cat eats food. The appearance of a stranger will greatly reduce the cat's. appetite.
    3. Cats have a bad habit of eating food or eating food on the outside of the food plate. Once this phenomenon is found, it is necessary to adjust immediately to make corrections.
    4. Cats like warm food. Cold food not only affects the appetite of the cat, but also causes digestive disorders. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the food should be at 30 to 40 ° C. The food taken from the refrigerator should be heated before feeding.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia

  2. Pet cats should start from childhood and in vitro, and the earliest cats should start after the cat weaning. Of course, the internal and external insect repellent methods are different, and there are some differences in the cycle of insect repellent.
    The cat deworming in the cat, one month in an early age, for 3 months. Cats under 2 kg of cats eat half a piece at a time, eat once in half a year, and eat 1 piece in one year. Eat a piece of 3-4 months of more than 2 kilograms, but it is generally good at home.
    PS: It is a very important thing to remove insects for cats. Parents must not give the cats to remove insect deworming medicine, let alone not to repel cat deworming for a long time. Of course, if you have a lot of unfamiliar and unknown places to drive the cat, you can consult veterinarians and drive the cat to remove insects according to the doctor's instructions.

  3. 1. Dedication time arrangement
    Cats are generally recommended to start the first deworming at 6 weeks.
    The deworming in the body: Animals under 1 year old are recommended to/time, and it is recommended to/time/time over 1 year old.
    In in vitro: once a month in summer, once every season once (please note that in vitro deworming medicines should be selected according to the actual condition of the cat).
    2. Commonly used in vitro deworming medicine
    The is commonly used for in vitro deworming medicines and spray, such as big pets, Fulan, Bowen, etc.;
    Generally, the internal tablets are taken, such as the common catworms of Bayer Company.
    3. Precautions for deworming
    Mostly oral deworming medicines may have a certain stimulation effect on the gastrointestinal and intestines. On the day of feeding Inpieth, the decline in appetite will usually recover.
    If the previous cat's gastrointestinal function is relatively weak, and there are often vomiting and thinning, it is recommended not to prevent drugs to prevent parasitic infection, conditioning the gastrointestinal and intestinal before feeding.
    If due to the abnormal gastrointestinal function of parasitic infection, it is important to perform insecticidal in time.
    Is when pets are found to have parasitic infections, the above -mentioned deworming cycle is recommended to achieve a relatively ideal treatment state. It still needs to be treated in a timely manner according to the actual situation.

  4. Hello, I am glad to answer your questions!

    The cats can be deworming after 6 weeks of age.
    1 years old, it is recommended to repel deworming once a month; cats over 1 year old, cats that do not keep them outside, can consider 1 out of the body in January and 1 time in the body in March.
    In addition, common cat parasites include:
    In vitricic parasites: flea, chigger mites, ear mites, rescue mites, etc.;
    , Hookworm and so on.
    Generally, most preventive insect -repellent drugs work within 48 hours, so if you find that cats in the family have parasitic infections, pay attention to the use of suitable immediately effective insect repellent medicine.
    It hope to help you, want to know more about pet knowledge, welcome to pay attention to my knowledge!

  5. Cats can be deworming in the body after two weeks of age. It is recommended to once a month within one year of age, and it is recommended to once every quarter every quarter. Cats' in vitro deworming, once a month in spring and summer, deworming once a month, and once a quarter of the other quarter, the cat is selected with the actual situation of the cat. It is best to remove insect deworming in the body in January. It is worth noting that cats can be deworming in vitro during pregnancy, but deworming in vitro is not good.

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