2 thoughts on “I was caught by the cat's claws, and there was nothing wrong with bleeding?”

  1. There is no bleeding after being caught by the cat. You need to see if the wounds you caught are obviously damaged. If there is no damage to the epidermis, you can use alcohol to apply it on it. If there is no pain, it means that there is indeed no damage. Do not catch yourself through cats, causing infection to your rabies. If this cat is scratching the position, there is pain after brushing alcohol, or you can see obvious broken skin. If there is no bleeding, it may be transmitted to a rabies. To inject rabies vaccines, people who do not need to inject rabies are immunoglobulin or serum.

  2. Catal the skin of the cat's claws. Although there is no blood, for the sake of safety, first wash the wound with water, and then go to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine.

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