4 thoughts on “The cat saw me always around my feet. Why?”

  1. I believe that many people have discovered such a phenomenon. After seeing the owner, cats will rush around the host's feet. This situation is also normal, because there is a glands beside the cat's ears, and when the owner can leave the owner, he can leave his own smell. In this way, you can tell other pet cats that this person has a cat and do not approach this person. In fact, cats' possessions are relatively strong. After determining that this person is his own master, he will leave some special smell on the owner.
    Why do cats be around the host?
    The editor also checked on the Internet, and finally found the reason why the cats were around. This is because the cat's ears have a special glands, which can secrete some smell. Then he will stay in the master's hand, and what is secreted in this gland will stay on the owner. Then you can tell other stray cats or pet cats that have pets, and they cannot be stunned on this person. So there are some possessives like humans, and we can satisfy the possessiveness of small pet cats.
    Is when you cat your cat, it also wants to get your touch, and you can also touch it.
    It actually wants your stroke when you are a cat, so you can also touch the cat. We'd better not touch the cat's butt or cat's tail, because these two places are very sensitive, we can touch the cat's forehead or chin, these two places can be touched. And when we touch cats, we must pay attention, don't be too strong, don't feel pain. When we touch the cat, we must also pay attention to touching the hair, do not touch it against the hair, and do not let the cat's hair messy. Cats have some obsessive -compulsive disorder. If you always touch the hair, then cats will not like you to touch it, it is also very bad.
    This summary
    Is when raising pet cats, we must be careful to eat cat food for cats, and to add some protein to cats, so as to make cats healthier.

  2. Express love. Everyone knows that cats like to stab their masters and express their own love for their owners. Because the action of "作" is also a social behavior of cats, in addition to their own masters, if they like other cats, they will also use this behavior to express love.

  3. This is a cat like you very much, so it always rides around your feet. If a cat doesn't like you, it will not want to touch you at all.

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