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  1. 1. First draw the head and ears of the cute cat. As shown in the figure below
    2, then draw the kitten's eyes, two black dots. There is also a small mouth, as shown in the figure below
    3, and then continue to draw the beard on both sides of the kitten cat, and the upper limb of the kitten cat. As shown in the figure below
    4, and then continue to draw the little flower collar of the kitten cat. After drawing the collar, the little cat is more cartoon and cute! As shown in the figure below
    5, and then continue to draw the body part of the kitten cat. As shown in the figure below
    6, finally make up a table for Xiaohua Cat. Whether the cartoon little flower cat relying on the table is painted, and there is also a lack of color, and then add the color. As shown in the figure below
    7, apply the color to the cartoon kitten and complete.

  2. Teach you how to draw a kitten step:
    hello kitty is the cartoon anime character we are most familiar with, but many people can draw it. Now teach you a few simple steps to draw the same as movies and cartoons. Hello Kitty cat, I hope to help everyone!
    Tools/raw materials

    a4 paper
    First we first draw hello kitty head (oval) on A4 paper. Select the size according to your favorite ratio.
    In the ellipse, start to draw the body began to draw, as shown in the figure in the figure, the lower part and the middle line, which is convenient for the subsequent proportional distribution.
    Note: You can distinguish from the color of the head
    Profting your body after drawing, start to draw two small hands, and you don't need to be too big. Both sides should pay attention to two small circles.
    After finishing the above steps, began to outline Hello Kitty's clothes. At this time, according to the midline drawn before, we started drawing the small clothes of Hello Kitty to expose the neck.
    Through the midline, start drawing nose, eyes on both sides, ears, and Hello Kitty kitten
    It the focus, Hello Kitty's signature decoration: headwear-flower knot. This should not be hard!
    In the black water pen to outline the entire part and remove unnecessary places.
    After completion, you can start coloring Hello Kitty according to your favorite color. Hello Kitty is mainly pink. Here are a finished product. I hope everyone likes it.
    The you need to distribute the proportion of the eyes and nose according to the midline.
    The body part can have two parts: light and dark to increase the three -dimensional effect!

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