3 thoughts on “Can Teddy be with cat-?”

  1. Yes, my dogs and cats get along well.
    But the dogs can pay attention to the following points with cats:
    First of all, pay attention when choosing the breed dog varieties and cat varieties. Choose those docile and kind dogs and cats, which are easier to raise. If a cat or dog has been raised at home, then when choosing another one, you must also choose those docile personality and not good.
    Secondly, the pet dogs and pet cats taken home should not be raised together immediately. It is best to isolate for a period of time. Drive the pets first, and then slowly let the dogs and cats familiar with each other. As the master, when treating pet dogs and pet cats, they must also be fair and fair, and they cannot be completely spoiled and ignored the other.
    Third, when feeding dogs and cats, don't let them eat each other's food. As a master, sometimes the majesty of the owner. When dogs and cats perform well, they naturally encourage and praise. However, when they make mistakes, they must also give criticism and punishment. Remember, as long as they become their true masters, they can better control and manage them.
    It is not a simple matter to make pet dogs and cats harmonious. It takes more time and energy to manage and understand them in life. Of course, although cats and dogs are natural enemies, there are many harmony with each other in life. To let dogs and cats get along in harmony, how the owner will raise management is still the most critical.

  2. It is best not to have a common hobby because the cat and the dog are together. For example, the dog will embrace the owner at first sight, and the cat will be jealous and the dog will be comfortable when the cat and the cat are exposed. The sound of the dog doesn’t like this sound

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