5 thoughts on “Why don't parents allow cats?”

  1. Many people dream of raising a cat that belongs to their own, but helpless parents resolutely disagree. The reason why they disagreed with cats is that the cat is too dirty, there are too many bacteria on their bodies, or they feel that the cat's hair loss makes the family unclean, and it feels that the cat will cause the family to have a odor.

  2. Because they are afraid that cats will dirty their homes, usually cats will lose hair. I also think that if parents do not love cats, students should not raise them. When they have economic income in the future

  3. Cats are yin. There is a saying that cats like cats can protect the Lord and explore the road. The children's young firepower can be raised. As a saying, when the man is bathing, the cat will look at you curiously. You should always stare at the man's lower body for it, thinking that it is a mouse, which will give men a uncomfortable feeling. To catch it, the boy can't meet a cat.

  4. If it is during school, it is best not to raise pets because pets will affect your mood of doing homework in school and have a disadvantaged cat. People are not suitable, and pets should spend a lot of thoughts if they say that they are not attentive. It is best not to keep pets!

  5. This is the fear of cats scratching children. Besides, there are many parasites on the cat. Not very clean, so many parents do not let their children raise cats

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