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  1. By July 2021, the price was around 200-400 yuan.
    M common cat triangle vaccine is generally 90 to one hundred and two stitches. The common vaccine used in China to vaccinate cats is Pfizer Cat Sanlian vaccine. Generally, the first year kitten needs to inject three -pin cat triad vaccines to complete the immunity. Then after four months, one -needle rabies vaccine will be used. Cat triple vaccine and rabies vaccine.
    Pame for cat vaccine
    Claded vaccination in the state of the cat's body is completely healthy, because the vaccine itself is weak poisonous seedlings, which will cause cat resistance to decrease after vaccination. If the cat's body is unhealthy, it may may Cats' diseases will be induced in advance.
    It is not recommended to take a bath for cats before the vaccine immune program is completed to avoid cold inducing diseases. In the end, some cats may have an allergic reaction to the vaccine. It is recommended to observe 15-10 minutes at the pet hospital after vaccination.
    The above content refers to the People's Daily Online-Cat walking dogs must know these vaccine common sense

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