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  1. 1. Brand marketing planning to grasp humanistic feelings; most of the people who love pets are emotional people. The company's brand positioning should grasp humanistic feelings and give the cold brand full of warmth and love, in order to distinguish the popular pet supplies. , Create brand advantages.
    2, personalized service experience binding pet owners, if the company's service experience gives consumers a personalized experience, they can stand out among many pet products brands. The personalized service experience can be reflected in product design, after -sales service, after -sales service , Sales and other links.
    3. With the help of network channels and social media, brand promotion and word -of -mouth marketing, when establishing its own brand image, we must use network channels and social media to promote brand promotion. Pet supplies must use the Internet and social media to spread the brand image and product reputation in order to achieve the brand effect.
    The main points of pet shop
    The expansion strategy strategy. For pet store operators, you can create new business opportunities and improve corporate resource utilization rates, but at the same time, it also brings certain risks to opening stores. Generally, it is more suitable for this strategy to develop positions and greater advantages.

    The development strategies for pet products to adapt to market changes and consumer demand by expanding business varieties, ensuring the quality of goods, and developing new goods, and continuously expand product sales. When the market is restricted, pet shop operations must choose and develop new markets, such as establishing branches and developing business outlets to open up new worlds for themselves.

  2. Simply put on a few
    1, positioning, pet park, pet hospital, pet expert (for pet owners, popular science, it is best to get a WeChat signal, every day you get happiness and good services in you The dynamic case of dynamic occurrence, the life of life is issued, and the WeChat Weibo is all issued, mainly WeChat)
    2, if you are marketing, if you join the franchise chain, first make a model flagship store
    3, if you sell it, it will be the sale. Morning and evening when walking the dog every day, send some leaflets. The quality and content of the leaflet are very important. If you have to investigate, what are you better than them, and then find your own unique selling point with consumers ...

  3. When we open a pet shop in a area, we want to hit our pet store's reputation at the beginning of the business. We can only play the characteristics of our pet shop. Only in the early stage of the needs of our surrounding environment, we can plan the corresponding activities. The following explanation of how to plan a pet shop?
    1. Advertising marketing strategies make great momentum with the advertising effect. The specific method can be sent to some pet shop promotion pages within two weeks before the opening. A large number of communities such as nearby streets and places for walking dogs can be distributed. Some good -looking styles, so as to attract more pets, have to make momentum for their pet shops.

    . Promotional marketing strategies
    This to expand the impact. The price has always been a magic weapon to attract customers. In addition, some color pages can be printed to promote some preferential activities during the opening of our store, and distribute to consumers who come to participate in the opening ceremony, so as to attract consumers' attention. Come and grab them tightly when you come to the celebration.
    3. The online marketing strategy In the era of the Internet today, many people are lazy to go out. Sometimes they open in the community, and they do n’t know when they are opened. There are often some people looking for a pet shop or something on the Internet, so the publicity of the Internet is essential. Some of the methods of promoting can communicate with some pets in some community forums around some pet shops, and often give them some suggestions for pets. You can also mark the location of your pet shop on the map, so it is easy for people to know where there is a pet shop. At first, it may not be obvious, but it may bring many customers when it is done for a long time.

  4. The concept of supermarkets attracts customers
    The traditional pet shop in Beijing. The space is small, specializing in a kind of animal and its products, and most of the places are near the housing estate, and most of them are cooked. The concept of operating modern pet stores should be based on supermarket sales and attract customers with multiple choices. Most customers can find products they need here. This zoo -like pet shop is very popular in foreign countries, but it is a new attempt in Beijing. Dare to eat the first crab will definitely taste the deliciousness of innovation.
    does not name pet shops add entertainment
    The marketing strategy. In fact, the name of the store is also one of them. The store name should break the tradition and do not use the word of the pet shop in the store name. Because of the traditional pet shop, it is sullen. To jump out of the frame, the names must be easy to make consumers remember, but also have the power to support the entire brand. For example: During the exhibition, it is packed in gift packages with cats and dog food and the monthly calendar launched by themselves. This marketing method increases the competitiveness of the product.
    In addition to long -term cooperation with pet magazines, borrowing pets and local supplies (introducing special varieties, new products and discount activities), you also need to shoot short films, play on the bus, and take the soft sales route. It is also necessary to hold large -scale events in the mall, such as inviting artists to join. It can be seen that even if it is an inertial business business, it is possible to open up the new world. This kind of marketing method that jumps out of the traditional frame is really worth learning.
    The points to keep the guest pet business belong to Caring
    Business (caring business). Pet shops cannot just want to take off their pets as soon as possible. Therefore Find veterinarians for a healthy examination within 72 hours of buying pets. If you find that pets have serious illnesses, you can get it back to refund. It is not possible to make a pet store for pet stores, because the most popular pet fans will not buy pets every month. Therefore, pet food and various consumables must be carried out, so that the business can grow long.
    In the above introduction, I wonder if you have inspired your pet shop? Is it more confident and more open to the pet store to join? Different business methods and marketing strategies, the results will naturally be different. Essence The use of flexible, new and aggressive marketing strategies, standing out in fierce market competition is also self -evident.

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