5 thoughts on “How to bathe the native cats with full combat power at home?”

  1. I had a friend before, and he raised the cats. Everyone knows that the fighting power of the native cat is really very strong. Then he protects the cat's mouth and the cat's claws with a protective cover in order to bathe the cat. Then Take a bath again, so if you do that, you will not be afraid of cat bite or catch himself.

  2. It is a difficult thing to take a bath at this time, but it doesn't matter. You can buy a mouse toy in the place where it takes a bath. This can seduce it, because the cats like to eat mice. I won't take the initiative to take a bath.

  3. When bathing for cats, they generally have a particularly large response. If they want them to respond so much, they must make preparations for them in advance, so they will not be so fierce. Of course Before you accompany you.

  4. It is best to cut the cat nails two days in advance to let them wear time to prevent the scratch. Then, put the cat into the cat washing bag, gentle, grab their neck position during the washing process, and finally, finish the washing, finish the washing, finish the washing, finish the washing, and finish the washing. Later, remember to give some cat snacks a cat to eat to form a bath -rewarding this feedback, so as not to remember their revenge.

  5. In fact, this is also a thing that fights with my own pets, because cats are afraid of water, so I will become particularly difficult when I take a bath for my pet cats, and I often imply the measures for cats to rewards to suggest It takes a bath and feeds cat mint before taking a bath.

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