3 thoughts on “Where can I sell cats in Zhengzhou?”

  1. Buying live cats can go to pet shops near the community, generally there are various varieties of cats. There are many problems with the behavior of kittens, such as biting people and catching people. After buying it, you can consider training cats. There are trained cats in the East District of Zhengzhou.

  2. What cat are you talking about?
    The brain used on the computer can be used to the technology market on the Dongfeng Road on the Cultural Road to distinguish K906 and 2. There are also several pet shops in the cat and dog market where you can go to see if you do n’t pass the bus, but you can take the bus to the medical school or the big stone bridge and then fold it in the past or take a taxi. The taxi master will not go because the traffic jam is very serious there

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