Is it really shameful to raise a small native cat? Will the pet hospital record the cat's variety?

4 thoughts on “Is it really shameful to raise a small native cat? Will the pet hospital record the cat's variety?”

  1. Raising small native cats will never be shameful. For a cat -loving person, no matter what kind of cats are the same. If you bring a pet cat to the hospital for a physical examination or vaccination, some pet hospitals will record the cat's variety Essence Many cat lovers will choose to raise a kitten to accompany them. The variety of cats is more diverse. For example, cats with pure serum may reach thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. Divide money.
    It people think that raising a small earth cat is very shameful. After all, it has no pure bloodline, and the appearance is not good enough, but the question is that the cat's blood is really so important? Those pure bloodlines are nothing more than the definition of humans, and they can't represent anything at all. Cats of foreign varieties are really higher than small cats. The masters who want to be precious cats do not just like their appearance, but they are more vanity. They always feel that "foreign moon is more round than China." Those who really like cats, no matter what kind of cats, there is no difference for them.
    is very easy to raise. They never picky eaters, and can even bring "small gifts" to the owner. The IQ is very high and can understand the owner's instructions. It is the best choice for pets. Compared with those noble cats, they are more practical, and their appearance value is definitely not bad, especially in the period of kittens, it is simply cute. The owner can get a loyal pet without much effort. Since we choose to raise cats, of course, we should take them to vaccine and conduct physical examinations on time. Only this is a truly responsible manifestation.
    During the physical examination and injections, some pet hospitals will record the cat's variety as the basis, and it is also convenient for subsequent examinations. In fact, the hospital is also responsible for cats. Once they are sick, they can find the previous materials as soon as possible, and some are similar to human cases.

  2. It is not shameful to raise a small native cat, because foreigners often raise small native cats. Pet hospitals record cats.

  3. No shame. In the living beings, there are no distinction between life and low and low, whether it is a variety of cats or small native cats, they are the same, so do not wear colored glasses to see the little cat. Pet hospitals generally record cat varieties, but pet hospitals do not provide variety appraisal services.

  4. Raising small native cats is not shameful at all. Pets are just personal hobbies. Which pets are fate. The hospital will record the cat's variety

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