The cat's cat foster to my house, but I dare not let it go. What should I do if I bite people?

5 thoughts on “The cat's cat foster to my house, but I dare not let it go. What should I do if I bite people?”

  1. You first prepare a soft cat litter, food box, water box, Lhasa bowl and cat litter, cat toys, and kittens and cat food. When the cat comes to your house for the first time, it must be scared, and it may hide under the bed or other objects. Don't rush to grab it, put it not far from it, such as under the bed, and then put the nest and lunch box on the edge of the bed, or on the bed. You only feed the first day. Put down the food away, leave the house where the cat is located, or you can stay away from it for a while when you don't feed. The second Tmall is a little peace of mind. You can take a cat toy, such as a bell, shake it. The cat likes to be attracted by the sound. You can use a cat toy to tease it. , Taking it out, then play slowly, tease it, and get familiar with it in two or three days.

  2. Since you are in your house, in fact, you can hold it at this time, or put them in a small room, and there is no place where you have to get close to him, contact him, and then have a familiar process with him. a little.

  3. If you are entrusted by others, you will foster your cat in your home. This means that friends are very assured that when you face this problem, first consider putting the cat in a safe position. It is best not to put it. Go out, because after the cat comes to your house, he is more recognized and does not belong to the environment. It may be frightened. After frightening, he will attack people. Therefore, for this issue, first consider the cat. I have a safe consideration for myself and my family

  4. Worried about bite people, don't put it out, put it in a cage or find a carton. Cats prefer carton, just let it stay there. Family pet cats are generally relatives, so you can try to contact a little. If you are still afraid, put it directly in the cage.

  5. Since it is foster, then it is closed. If it is released, it is easy to lose without saying, and you may also run to other places to shit and get medicine by others.

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