5 thoughts on “Which cat is more docile and obedient? why?”

  1. Anyone who knows cats a little knows that cats are usually very naughty. They often jump up and down at home, and the owner can't catch it, so many people want to buy some docile cats when they raise cats. And can make yourself worry about. If you want to buy a meek and obedient cat, you can even recommend that you can buy Scottish fold -ear cats, British short hair cats and Garfield, which are very cute and obedient.
    . Scottish folding ear cats
    Socast folding ear cats are very well -behaved, their ears are fold forward, and when the owner usually raises cats, cats do not like mischievous and quiet. The quiet person stays in the same place, which is also very high to the owner's obedience, and is absolutely loyal to the owner. However, you must think clearly in advance before you stick to the ear cats with plastic bags, because most of the folding ear cats are hybridized, so some diseases will occur after a certain age, and some genetic diseases may also be brought. Because the cat's body is painful, it is not so lively. Therefore, we must understand the difficulties after raising before raising, and be responsible for cats.
    . British short -haired cats
    The color of British short -haired cats are also very many. It can be divided into gray, white and gray -white character. I especially like to get close to people. Once the British short -haired cat recognizes a master, it will become particularly obedient. It is particularly well -behaved, but the tame is very high. If you have a short British, you can always experience the happiness of cats.
    three, exotic short -haired cats
    The cats in foreign countries are also called Garfield. The Garfield cat looks very cute, looks stubborn, and is well -known sticky person. It is very loyal to the owner. When the owner is raising a cat, Garfield may jump to the owner as soon as he has a chance. It looks stubborn, and his personality is very docile and obedient. Many people like it very much.

  2. For example, short -haired cats in the UK, Abycinian cats, Persian cats, American short -haired cats, puppet cats, Russian blue cats, etc. These cats are more well -behaved, sensible, and have a very gentle personality.

  3. I think beautiful short cats are the most obedient and were very smart before; because his appearance is very petite and lovely, I like this smaller cat, and I have a docile personality. Interest.

  4. Persian cats can be said to be very docile and particularly obedient in life. They particularly understand the owner in life, and they do not often lose their temper with the director. Because the money is very docile.

  5. Persian cats can be said to be very smooth and particularly obedient in their livelihood livelihoods, and they know the guests in particular in their livelihoods, and they do not often lose their temper with the director. Because the money is very docile.

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