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  1. The basic cost is about 80,000 to 150,000.
    1, rent cost, the rent of the pet shop is related to the city, the location of the store, the size of the store.
    2, decoration costs, the decoration cost of pet shops is related to the positioning and size of the store. Generally speaking, 80 square meters of shop decoration costs ranging from 10 to 30,000.
    3, the cost of product equipment, pet supplies required by pet shops, pet beauty equipment, and equipment such as cashier, air-conditioning and other equipment; about 20-30,000 yuan.
    4, labor cost, water and electricity costs; a 80 -square -square shop requires a beautyist and a salesperson to pay their salary; opening pet shops, especially pet beauty, is very power consumption, hair dryer and other equipment power is very good. Large, monthly electricity bills are not pens.

  2. What kind of pet shop?
    If the pet hospital, the last time I watched a blogger's video, the rented store decoration, and the instrument bought, it would take about 400,000. Coupled with the salary of hiring doctors and nurses, about 50,000 to 600,000.
    If off the pet beauty shop, it will be much less, the decoration processor will be about 100,000 yuan.
    If you open a pet commodity shop, only sell some cat food, dog food, toys, dog nest cat nests, etc., and fewer, then less, 30,000 can be opened.
    It if cats are opened, there are a lot of it. Last time I watched a boss's Weibo, it took more than 200,000.

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