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  1. Small pets that are convenient for raising
    The mini -pets that are convenient for raising. Small and small pets in life are very cute and flattering, so many people like to raise some small pets. Now there are many small pets suitable for breeding. Below below Let's learn more about the small mini pets that are convenient for raising.
    This mini pets that are convenient for raising 1 1. Rabbit
    Rabbit is a very cute and smart pet, which has the nature of playing. Rabbit is a fairly peaceful and calm animal with very soft fur. It is suitable for getting along with children. However, it should be noted that the rabbit does not like to be treated roughly and is easily scared by the child's quickly. They may be the most domesticated rodent on the planet, which can establish a very deep connection with their owners with a life span of 7 to 10 years.
    2. Parrots
    . They are essentially interesting and interactive, not to mention the fact that looks very beautiful. They have a variety of size and color, the life span of parrots is long, and the life span of some species may be as long as 80 years or longer. Why is the parrot very suitable for children to raise? It is because parrot IQ is equivalent to four years old. They are very good at communication and like to eat nuts such as nuts and salty cakes.
    3. HP
    This pets are not common, very polite, very cheap, and great pets. Honesty crabs can also be raised by older children. They need a habitat, with half -foot thick sand and some stones for them to climb and play. It can live for 30 years. It is a omnivorous eater. You only need to feed some fruits or vegetables every day. They are social animals and can be divided into 3 to 4 groups of couples or groups.

    4. Ship Shi, South America
    The thick velvet -like hair, looks very gentle and calm. As one of the ten mini pets suitable for children, their life span is about 10 to 15 years, and there are various colors, from white to charcoal black. Male is preferably two pairs, and females can be raised separately.
    5. Coninel
    seee is very active, curious and very flexible animals. Their life span is longer than most small pets, about 8-10 years old. They are not very suitable for being kept in a cage all day. Whenever they are, they should put it out and play with children. If you want to know more, please see more about the ten benefits and disadvantages of Coninel.
    6. Salogs
    Salogs of living animals. They are quite cheap and must be treated carefully, because they are fragile. There are many varieties of tsarium, and different from hamsters, tsarium is not at night. Like hamsters, their life span is also very short, only 3 to 4 years, so prepare must be prepared.
    7. Mouse
    When your child wants pets, mice may not be what you want, but they are very good at communication, very smart, and sometimes very calm and cute. However, their life span is also very short, ranging from 2 to 3 years.

    8. Hamsters
    Hamsters are very popular, and smaller varieties may be a bit impatient, especially females. Most of them are very docile and polite. It is enough to buy a hamster because they do not need a partner, they are alone. However, life expectancy is short, only 2, 5-3 years, and they are activities at night.
    9. Guinea pigs
    Guinea pigs are considered one of the most lovely and most communication animals among all rodents. The life span is 5-10 years old, which is very suitable for children to raise. Better, the possibility of biting people is even less, but be careful. They need to exercise frequently, including dried grass, vegetables and fruits.
    10. Hedgehog
    The hedgehogs are very cute little animals. They are live animals. They eat foods such as eggs, fruits, vegetables, cooked meat and other foods. Although there are thorns, just pay attention. In addition, hedgehogs need to take a bath frequently, which is more likely to get sick than other animals, so be careful.
    The mini pets that are convenient for raising 2 1. Demon king squirrel
    one of the pets of the demon king, sticky and recognized the owner's pet, is a pet pine rat, the demon king squirrel is lively and active, and the food requirements are not high Very easy to raise.
    2. My Neighbor Totoro
    Totoro must be very familiar with it. The furry chinchilla is definitely the first choice for everyone to raise a small pet!
    3. Tongxin pink mouse
    The top ten small pets with hygienic and well -raised pink mice. Tongxin pink mouse is very cute and has no odor. If you are interested, you can try it.
    4. The chipmiper
    is very suitable for pets. Because the chipmiper likes to stick to people, it is very recognized by the owner, so you can simply train it.

    5. The mini little hedgehog
    The mini little hedgehog is really cute, but because the thorns on the body are still more people, so be careful!
    6. Spanish sleeping mouse
    Spanish sleeping mouse is particularly small. You can hold him on your palm. This little pet likes to sleep, so you don't need to take care of it.
    7. 兔
    垂 耳 rabbit is really particularly beautiful. This kind of rabbit has a very quiet personality and does not require high food, so hygiene is very easy to take care of.
    8. Cats
    . Cats are one of the small pets that are sanitary and well -raised. At the same time, cats are also very interesting. Of course, the price of pure cats is also more expensive.
    9. Dogs
    Dogs are the most raised pets, especially small dogs, such as Teddy, Chihuahua, Big Bear Dog, etc.
    10, hamster
    hamsters are a very common small pet. The hamster is very small and very hygienic. It only takes a little feed hamster to be very happy.
    This mini pet 3 mini rabbit (dwarf rabbit)
    mini rabbits are one of the small varieties of pet rabbits, with small ears and upright. Adult weight is about 1kg, body length is about 30cm, and the hair color is gray. Furdy, apple size, clean, clever, close to the owner, not running around, vegetarian food, and can be carried in your pockets and bags. Click to see the small rabbit in the world, the Dutch dwarf rabbit weighs only 1 kg (small to hold the hand) details.
    The African mini hedgehog
    What pet can carry with you? How about hedgehogs? Small, cute, less movements, not screaming. When you encounter a bad guy, you can throw it as a dark weapon dart! Haha, no. Like African mini hedgehogs from 15, 5 cm to 23 cm, weighing 311 grams to 566 grams. *Pets that can be carried with you.

    The small sun parrot
    What pet can carry it with you? The small sun parrot is as large as an apple, and the people who raised the parrot are very relatives and sticky. , Vegetarian, clever, high -bearing -like shit ability like a small solar series, will not pull the stool on the owner! If you are a cattle, you can teach them to speak. It's awesome.
    The auricle fox
    The auro fox is also known as the long ear fox. It is one of the small dogs in the world, such as kittens. What pets can carry with you? Auro fox*energy. And the Finnick in the Disney movie "Crazy Animal City" is based on him! Do you think it is superb?
    tea cup pigs
    "Tea Cup Pig" is a kind of micro pigs. It is made of Tamvo Swarm pigs and Glosste County. The piglets are only as large as the tea cup. The mini "tea cup pig" has become the new favorite of animal hobbies. The size of this pig generally does not exceed the cricket dog. At the age of two, the body is 30 to 40 cm and weighs about 30 kg. *Can be on the list that can be carried with you. Tea cup pigs are also very cute. Bring it out and must be envious of many people.

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