1 thought on “The cat does not sleep at night, the cat does not sleep at night”

  1. 1. Cats are night -walking animals. Under the conditions of survival in the wild, many cat mammals go out to hunt for food at night. During the day, they will nourish the stress most of the time to supplement sleep.

    2. Although cats are now as family pets, there are still many living habits that have not changed.

    . If the owner wants the cat to develop the law of rest at night, you can try a few points.

    4. First, the owner can play more during the day to play with cats or let cats exercise more before going to bed, such as moving toys such as funny cat sticks to consume their extra energy.

    5. If you are tired, you will sleep.

    6. Second, according to the habits of the cat, foraging at night, the owner can prepare fresh cat food or canned food and drinking water before going to bed, and clean the clean cat sand pot.

    7. This ensures the needs of their night activities and avoid sleeping due to hunger and thirst.

    8. After long -term training, cats can be synchronized with the owner.

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