5 thoughts on “How to eliminate the wildness of the kitten”

  1. Eliminating the wildness of the kitten can be used to the existence of the owner and the establishment of feelings with the kitten, and the specifics are as follows;
    1. Let the cat get used to the existence of the owner. When the kitten is unfamiliar with the surrounding environment, do not let the cat have a negative impact on the owner. Let the cats get used to the existence of the owner and slowly shorten the distance.
    2, understand the body language of the kitten. The owner should try to understand the body language of the cat, and do not force the cat through the way of chasing.
    3, more accompany the kitten, establish the relationship with the kitten. Feed cat food and feed the water, try to gradually approach the kitten. If the kitten can be appropriately stroked when it is docile, and the communication with the kitten is established to prevent the kitten from scaring.
    4. When a cat has bad behavior, it should be stopped loudly. After repeating a few times, the cat will have memories and no longer repeat similar actions.
    The expansion information
    This to eliminate the wild nature of the kitten need to pay attention to the following matters:
    1. Toys can be used during communication with cats, which helps to establish feelings.
    2. If a cat does not have a bad behavior, if you caught a person, you ca n’t punish them. corporal punishment will have an impact on the psychological health of the cat and even reaction.
    3. While the kitten is asleep, bring the cat's nails slowly with gloves, which can reduce physical damage.
    4, eliminating the wildness of the kitten, slowing the distance slowly is a step -by -step process, avoiding anxiety.

  2. The kittens for more than a month, naughty annoyance, scratching, lunatic, bullying little animals. I just criticized it just now, and then leaned on with the small animals to sleep on sleeping ~

  3. Cats were very naughty when they were young, and they would naturally be much better after adulthood. Don't worry, slowly get along with it. The kitten is still naughty!

  4. Difficulty, the cat is very wild. If you let it go out every day, it will be wild in the future. Even if you close it every day at home, it will be wild if you have the opportunity to slip out in the future. Seeing the personality of each cat, some cats are quiet, love their house, and some cats are not familiar with how to raise them. I have raised such cats. Ordinary cats are more wild than pet -level cats

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