5 thoughts on “Looking at what the cat looks like when it is coquettish?”

  1. This cat in our family was hugged home when I was in high school. It has been raised for three or four years until now. When I first came, I was particularly timid. I can't find it, but it's long, and I am familiar with it every day. Now I have become particularly sticky, and they are very coquettish. When I go at home, I will follow me wherever I go. Sleeping on the bed, my boyfriend and my video, and then it jumped to me to occupy me. When the two videos, various blocks of the camera, and then I asked My chest is really coquettish.

  2. In the past, my mother did not agree with me to raise pets, because she hated the hair of animals the most. Later, she lived after graduation, and then raised the first cat in life. After the two of us got along for half a year, it started to become change. I have to stick to me more and more, get up in the morning, stare at me for a while, and then fall on the ground and watch me roll. I took my head and drilled into my palms. If I didn't touch it, I was unhappy. Looking at its coquettish look, my whole person's heart was melted, and I felt that it was really coquettish and cute.

  3. My cat is really cute to sell cute. At night, I never sleep in its nest. I will only follow me by my side, and then I won't wake me up in the morning. When I came, I arched my chest, so cute.

  4. When the cat was just home, it was not coquettish and felt good -looking, but it was always cold and cold, not coquettish and not sticky. After a period of time, I found that the sticky person index continued to soar. Touch it, obviously a boy. Bleak

  5. 这样 Sometimes it looks at me like this, as if to say cats, I'm hungry, hungry meals? If there is no effect, you will take your little belly to you and talk about it, chattering, and you will really be cute. Bleak

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