A female rented by a woman in Wuhan does not clean up and clean. What do you think of the girl's behavior?

4 thoughts on “A female rented by a woman in Wuhan does not clean up and clean. What do you think of the girl's behavior?”

  1. According to media reports, a female tenant in Wuhan, Hubei did not pay attention to hygiene after renting the apartment, making the rental house full of garbage. Because female tenants still have cats in the room, but they did not clean up cat litter. In this way, tenants with little space are all over garbage and cat sand. The room is messy and smelly. Consumers complained, and finally, the landlord asked the female tenant to move away. However, after the female tenant moved away, she left a house garbage and cat sand. The landlord invited the cleaners to clean up and spit out the people. The landlord asked the female tenant to compensate for the loss, but was rejected by the female tenant.
    The behavior of this female tenant is extremely unsuccessful and is suspected of illegal. Such behaviors should indeed not happen.
    , on the one hand, considering the moral level, even the rental house should not be treated in this way. The tenants should consciously care for the landlord's house, and should not be damaged. It is a very immoral behavior that deliberately stacked garbage, without cleaning cat litter, and intentionally destroying the furniture in the rental house. According to the landlord, the room rented to the woman not only was soaked in the cat's excrement, and made a odor and could not be used. Even the mattresses and tables in the house were contaminated by garbage and cats. It is difficult to believe that such behaviors actually happened in the present. Moreover, when the landlord and Youyan couldn't raise a cat first, not only did he raise cats, but he was not willing to clean up the garbage left by cats. This news really made many people angry.
    On the other hand, the behavior of this female tenant is suspected of illegal. The behavior of this female tenant is intentionally damaging the property of others. According to Article 1165 of my country's "Civil Code", the perpetrators have failed to infringe on his people's affairs. If rights and interests cause damage, they shall bear the liability for infringement. This female tenant's own fault allowed landlords to be lost, and she should be responsible for compensation for the loss of property in the house, disinfection costs, and so on.

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