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  1. My family is very beautiful for silver fox snow and white snow and white hair! The main feature is that it is named by fox and is loud and loud! n (Oh, I am a girl)

    1 Diet
    2 You can eat dog food. Puppy is the best boiled water. Pay attention to the food before the diet is half a year old Others such as food are afraid of digestion, especially the food and food that humans eat
    . If you are willing to cooperate with nutritional products such as "Development Treasure" cod liver oil and calcium, you will sell pet shops. You can eat a small piece of carrots every day. You can eat some fruits appropriately. ! If you want to give him snacks, you can go to the pet shop to have special chicken bar beef strip various dog snacks !! It is not very expensive!

    2 Immune
    In 40-50 days, you can start
    It recommended to go to a large regular pet hospital to avoid being deceived
    A vaccine is divided into domestic and imported imports. n, I don’t know much about it. I only know that there are 6 coupons, 6 rabies, 6 union
    , but do n’t worry about the doctor ’s general immunity for 4 times
    nThe dates of the dog can write a good date on time
    and the doctor will post the name of the dog's immune vaccine after each immune to the case of the dog. Immune!
    In the annual immune to the date!
    p.s. At this time, the doctor will tell you!

    3 Teach him to go to the toilet
    The dogs will not urinate 3 months ago, of course, it can be scheduled regularly! Generally, it will be excreted after eating and drinking. It is his impatient smell, and he will be anxious to turn around at this time. At this time, he should pay attention to guidance
    This dogs when they are learning the fastest when they are about 3 months. N, he can adsorb the newspaper when he has a stool (so there is no odor in the house) and then severely scold him that he cannot be chaotic (for the purpose of scaring education) and let him smell the newspaper to lead him to the stool you specified you. The place told him here
    This to reward him to praise him after repeating him a few times, he will understand
    slowly growing up when he grows up. When you slip, you will gradually be home.
    The dogs are very obedient. As long as you teach him carefully, he is actually very smart!
    and it is better not to really scare him to scare him to scare him to scare him to scare him. Just frightened, but he must make him understand that "can't" be broken if you can't fight well. Do not hit your legs and waist, which is the most vulnerable place of the dog!

    4 Bite the problem
    puppies bites to teeth because they can buy teeth rods or dog bite gel to give him There is a clean oral cavity with grinding teeth! Supermarket pet shops!
    It if it is an adult dog, it may be because he is lonely to buy him a toy ball to play with him
    Discipline will bite everything at home! Some things will eat such a bad health after biting. The scolding him (for the purpose of scaring, not recommended to fight hard), the most vulnerable legs and waist are the most vulnerable. R n, there are more careful education to be patient!

    5 Some simple actions of teaching dogs
    mainly food induction
    His hand holding a few times and said, "How many times did XX handshake" repeat him a few times and leave him a few times and give him some more
    . After repeating it a few times, next time, he only needs to hear the "handshake handshake handshake handshake "This sound will be reflected in the condition to raise your hand for you
    This training
    In you forced him (pat his ass) and let him sit down and tell him" sit "and give him some food
    let him first understand what is going on
    In the delicious one to say to him and "sit down and eat" and repeat it a few times
    Methods to prepare a pet toy ball to throw out the dog will instinctively chase and wait for him to tell him "XX will give me the ball The delicious (usual snacks) "If he didn't reflect his name a few times, after he ran over, he would naturally smell the food in your hand. You go out and pick up his ball, he has to praise him to praise him and give him a reward (be careful not to be a little bit)
    . After repeated several times, he understands
    . Others The main action is to have the patience with food induction

  2. It's better to raise Silver Fox. It is similar to Silver Fox, but it is more beautiful than Silver Fox, and you can laugh. It is very suitable for girls to raise

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