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  1. Prepare rubber rods, scissors, pencils, color pen, paper.
    2. First, use scissors to cut a bunker paper, fold the rectangular paper from left to right, and then open it. This is the left and right pages of the greeting card.
    3. Draw a circle on another piece of paper, indicating the head of the puppy.
    4. Draw an oval shape on each side of the puppy's head, as a puppy's ears.
    5. Then use a pencil to draw two eyes on the puppy's face, and two small circles in the eyes indicate the light in the eyes.
    6. Under the eyes, draw two cross -arcs. The intersection is the nose. Under the nose, draw the puppy's mouth.
    7. Below the puppy head, draw two long circles, indicating the puppy's two front legs. Yumui Dog is a popular mascot launched by Japanese companies. It is really cute. It is loved by many people. There are two pink blush, and they always wear a pink hat for him.
    The people like lovely things very much, and small animals such as cats and dogs are very popular. Anime characters are also very popular. For example, there are many mascots of Sanrio. Sell ​​a lot of related products. The English name of Yugou Dog is the meaning of combining cinnamon, also called big ear dogs.

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