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  1. Choosing a good veterinarian hospital is as follows:
    The veterinarian is a legitimate veterinarian
    It the first thing to pay attention to at the veterinary hospital is whether there are three veterinary certificates, opening licenses, and practicing licenses in the hospital Certificate, if these three certificates are not available, it is better to change a hospital for a hospital. If there are three certificates hanging in the hospital, you should also be careful about whether the photo is the physician himself. If you are not sure, it is best to ask the physician, otherwise it is recommended to change the hospital for consultation.
    If the environmental sanitation of the veterinary hospital
    The environment of the veterinary hospital is best in light and good ventilation, because this is related to the emotions of pets, and it will also affect the cleaning of medical equipment and instruments of veterinary hospitals. degree. If the hospital is smelly and looks dirty, the pets will appear anxious as soon as they enter the veterinary hospital, and it will even affect the cat's health. Therefore, a clean environment is the basic requirement of the veterinary hospital. When you communicate with the veterinarian in detail, when you discuss your pet with the veterinarian, you can explain in detail whether the physician can explain in detail and give substantial suggestions to determine whether the physician is a good veterinarian. If the physician looks careless during the diagnosis and treatment of pets, and can not show his professionalism when explaining for you, and not to appease pets during the diagnosis of pets, it is not a good veterinarian.
    The check the treatment process is carefully
    Is when veterinarians can observe the examination process of veterinarians while diagnosis and treatment of pets, the proficiency of the movement, and the method of soothing pets, whether the injection, feeding medicine is gentle, etc., etc. Can be regarded as the test standard of veterinarians.

  2. How to choose a pet hospital and pet physician
    It is difficult to avoid some diseases in dogs in daily life. Generally, we do not know how to treat dogs. We can only take them to the hospital for treatment. At this time, choose a family. Good hospitals and good pet doctors are particularly important. How should we judge the quality of a hospital? We can follow whether the hospital environment is clean, whether the medical equipment is complete, and the attitude of the staff. These are all factors. Parents who treat pets for pet treatment may be deeply appreciated about the cost of pet care. Generally, the cost of nursing once is relatively high. However, the treatment cost of pets is also a topic that parents are very concerned about. However, because the medical equipment in each hospital is different, their charging standards may be different. Parents can consult more to understand the hospital's charging standards. According to their economic conditions and the illness of the dog, choose the hospital and doctors.

  3. 1 In the pet hospital, you should see at least animal diagnosis and treatment permits on the wall, industrial and commercial business license, animal epidemic prevention certificate, and three certificates. Everyone must have at least these three certificates, which is a legal pet hospital. 2 See if the pet doctor who sees a doctor for your pet is not a regular veterinarian without this certificate without this certificate. Without this certificate, there is no prescription right, and you cannot see your pet. 3 Go to the Internet to see how the reputation of this pet hospital.

  4. 1. Look at history, rich time experience
    2. Look at the division of labor, the more professional the division of labor, the more professional the more professional
    3. Look at the equipment, the more advanced the equipment, the more accurate the diagnosis.
    4. Looking at the price, it is too high to look down. Too low, I won't go, you and I understand, are you cheap ...

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