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  1. When dogs vomit, first of all, we have to look at what vomit looks like.
    If food may indigestion.
    white, yellow, may also be caused by indigestion or stomach problems.
    red, obviously bleeding.
    The frequency of vomiting is also an important basis for diagnosis.
    , for example, after eating, vomit may be indigestion.
    The vomit after eating well, it may be food poisoning. (Foam)
    The vomiting may be caused by infectious diseases, small, crown and the like.
    1. Eating bones for pet dogs is also technical, not all bones can be given to the dog.
    2. The bones for pet dogs are best to have large pork stick bones, or beef bones and sheep bones. The small and sharp bones of those chickens, ducks and fish must not be eaten for dogs.
    3, because the small and sharp bones are easy to scratch the dog's mouth and gastrointestinal, causing the dog to vomit. If the situation is severe, it will cause the dog's gastrointestinal bleeding and crisis life.
    4. If it is mild vomiting, you can eat valley. Deng .. Probiotics. If the dog vomits after eating the bones, or the vomit is blood, then hurry up to the hospital for treatment. Do not delay, otherwise the dog's small life will not be guaranteed.

  2. 1. Dogs are reflected in motion sickness, so do not feed the car just after doing it.
    2. Not only 2 months of dogs can not feed chicken and duck bones, but not to feed even if it is a dog, because the bones are small, they will hurt the mouth and stomach. If you want to feed, the pork leg bone is cooked and fed.
    The question about the dog vomiting now: 1 vomit blood, or just milk or rice. If you have blood, you will hurt your throat and stomach, and you must take the doctor immediately. If it's just a meal, take it for 8 hours. Don't feed it. The puppy is not afraid of being hungry. After 8 hours, you can feed some porridge and take your time.
    2. Observe the bowel movement, the bowel movement can be pinched, that is, health, the problem is not big. If the bowel movement is water type or blood, immediately
    medical treatment, do not delay.
    The dogs generally do not recommend easy feeding, especially vomiting. Feeding medicine can only exacerbate intestinal stimulation. Fasting and warm water is the best choice. In addition, the dog should be imprisoned in one place (cage or other), 24 hours, only give water food only when feeding water, do not contact at other times, do not hold it. (Remember that the dogs who just returned home were reduced, and the small virus existed in all corners of nature. At this time, holding a dog and playing dogs, you must ask for a lot of blessings ~~~~)

  3. If the dog has no vomiting after 6 hours after vomiting, then you can feed some digestive foods, or feed a small amount of water first. In addition, the pet owner must be treated accordingly according to the cause of the dog vomiting.

    1, dietary problem
    Vomiting is mostly vomiting food, and it is okay after vomiting. The pet owner can feed the dog to feed Wang Xiangdian tablets to help the gastrointestinal digestion and reduce the pressure of the gastrointestinal and intestines. Vomiting caused by unclean food is often accompanied by dilutes. It can be stopped for a day and feeds some Wang Yi system to help coordinate the intestinal flora to ease the dilute.

    2, gastrointestinal diseases
    Stastric diseases can cause dogs to vomit frequently, most of them vomit yellow water. In addition, there will be a blood -stool, fever, and sluggish, and it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately.
    If feeding Wang Meow Amo under the guidance of veterinarians to reduce inflammation under the guidance of veterinarians to help stabilize the condition. The vomiting caused by gastric ulcers should feed Talik from vomiting to protect the stomach, and actively cooperate with veterinarians to treat gastric inflammation.

    3, liver and kidney problem

    If dogs have liver and kidney diseases, they will also vomit. For treatment, we can feed some pets to supplement nutrition to help maintain normal physiological functions and protect liver and kidney.

  4. When dogs vomit, first of all, it depends on what vomit looks like.
    If food may indigestion.
    white, yellow, may also be caused by indigestion or stomach problems.
    red, obviously bleeding.
    The frequency of vomiting is also an important basis for diagnosis.
    It if the dog vomits, it is not recommended to feed things. Because the gastrointestinal tract has not been restored, you can drink some water or glucose water. After the condition disappears, feed things. It doesn't matter if you don't eat a dog for one or two meals.

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