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  1. With the development of the economy today, people's ways of leisure and entertainment have a variety of ways. Pets have become a choice for people's leisure life. There are many choices for pet types, and more common ones are dogs, cats, ornamental fish, birds and so on. Dogs should be the most commonly seen pet. The process of breeding pet dogs, like treating children, should take care of themselves and play with them. But no matter how careful care, dogs are still inevitable. When the dog is severe and painful, many owners think about improving the dogs euthanasia. Here is how the dogs implement euthanasia.

    The how dogs all implement the peace

    Thisy death means the death of happiness, no painful death. Usually, the dogs who choose euthanasia are not cured because of the disease. When the body and mental suffering cannot be relieved, the owner will choose to be euthanized for the dog. Of course, there are other reasons. The reasons and operation methods for euthanasia for the dogs are described in detail below.

    This death means the death of happiness, no painful death. Usually, the dogs who are euthanasia are not treated because of the disease, and the body and mental suffering are used in pain. When any medicine cannot be relieved, the owner will choose to euthanize the dog, of course, there are other reasons. The reasons and operation methods for euthanasia for the dogs are described in detail below.

    . The reason for the dog to be euthanized for the dog

    1. For the dog, the dog has been suffering from a disease that is difficult to cure and not died immediately. Dogs suffer from diseases that make the dog suffer extremely painful. For example, the dog's trauma caused severe paralysis of the limbs and was in danger. Therefore, the owner could not bear to watch the dog's pain and choosing euthanasia to die. Also, such as rabies patients, some dog plague dogs, etc., may be euthanized for dogs.

    2. Some dogs must be euthanized because someone abandons them at will and let them breed freely. After that, no one is adopted and the community cannot bear too much stray dogs. Implement the problem of euthanasia to solve animal wandering. There are also individual examples such as: someone plans to have a child at home, and the owner takes him to the hospital for the doctor to help the dog to implement it, because the dog may carry the bowworm that causes the abortion of pregnant women. You cannot raise pet dogs. But very few people choose to be euthanized for the dog because someone at home is pregnant, and usually gives the dogs to others.

    . How to euthanize the dog

    1. Inject potassium chloride: Use 10%potassium chloride injection The weight of 0.3 to 0.5 ml of fast intravenous injection, causing instant hypertrophy and potassium. High -concentration potassium ions can cause the heart blockage of the heart, weaken the contraction force, and finally inhibit myocardial muscle, cause the heart to stop suddenly and die. This method only dies softly after the short -term systemic muscles.

    2. Oral sleeping pills: oral sleeping drugs, letting the sick pets fall asleep, and then inject the central anesthetic agent with respiratory inhibitory effects. The anesthesia here usually refers to some powerful sedatives that can cause suffocation. The injection powerful anesthetic agent caused the respiratory system of the sick pet, and eventually stopped breathing and died.

    3. Injection coagulation: First let the sick pet sleep deeply with anesthesia, and then inject the coagulation to block the veins. The mechanism of coagulant is mainly acting on the coagulation factors of the hematoplists of the animal body, causing blood condensation, forming thrombosis, obstructive blood vessels, blocking blood flow, and death of the diseased pet.

    4. Injecting Wubibbi sodium method: 15 ml per kilogram of weight or 75 mg of rapid vein injection per kilogram of weight.

    5. Inject saturated magnesium sulfate method: 40%magnesium sulfate solution is injected at a fast vein with 1 ml of 1 ml per kilogram.

    The most commonly used method in domestic pet hospitals is to inject potassium chloride, but there are many controversies for this method. The principle of potassium chloride is to cause instantly hypertrophylla through injection of potassium chloride, which will cause the heart to be blocked by the heart, weaken the contraction force, and finally inhibit myocardial muscle and stop the heart. Although the sedative or anesthetic agent will be injected before injection of potassium chloride, when the anesthesia dose is not enough or cannot play, the

    In the burning sensation, dogs may also have a period of all -body muscles.

    In order to allow dogs to truly die, we generally recommend the use of Wubibbi sodium. Tobbeli sodium is generally used in animal anesthesia experiments. After the injection of Wubbibadon sodium, animals will quickly appear drowsiness and be anesthetized. When large doses are used, they will inhibit the breathing of the animal. In the end, animals die due to respiratory palsy. Injecting Wubbibadon sodium will not cause obvious pain in the dog, so many organizations and owners will choose this


    Maturated magnesium sulfate is another method that does not cause dogs to die quickly. Its principle is that magnesium ions have the effects of inhibiting the central nervous system, loss of consciousness and direct inhibitory of the medullary and blood vessel movement center. At the same time, the transmission of the binding part of the endomas and skeletal muscles to relax the skeletal muscle.

    The editor's reminder: When you have to take the dog to the pet hospital for euthanasia if you have a last resort, you must tell the medical staff to inject anesthesia first and then potassium chloride, because the anesthesia agent The cost is relatively high, especially the imported anesthesia. In order to save costs, some small hospitals use a small amount of anesthesia, or it is not used to push potassium chloride.

    The method of euthanasia

    If you have been announced for only a few weeks, you are unwilling to die in the hospital bed in vain, what to do, what to do, what to do, what should I do? Intersection What if a loud and mysterious Clingon voice came from the nihn and mysterious, "Today is a good day, I decide to die"? What if you want a way of self -understanding with no pain and joy?

    So you are still eating the old toothing pills to end yourself -it is better to let us stimulate the death method! The following are 10 must -have home, and by the way, you can travel around the world, enjoy the way of euthanasia for a wonderful travel experience, and enjoy this death trip before you buy the cemetery.

    10. Enjoy the hot air balloon sleeping journey

    n to take a wonderful hot air balloon to stay away from the last few weeks of your life, without letting us remind us of it Carousel in the movie "We Can't Dead", but if you sit in a hot air balloon, you can definitely die. The existing hot air balloons can fly up to 20 kilometers high, and some can be balloons even 32 kilometers high.

    When you reach this limit height, while enjoying the wonderful victory, your body temperature will gradually decrease due to the height of the thin air. Great consciousness.

    9. The wonderful journey of volcanic lava

    n The volcanic magma is the best embodiment of the power of nature, the flowing red fire tongue will take everything to everything The exposure things were destroyed in an instant, so they lost their feet (or jump directly) in the lava lake immediately. The advantage of this ending method is a word -fast, as long as your body is exposed to the lava surface layer, the lava layer will immediately cool down on your body to form a hard shell, just like the packaging shell outside the pudding.

    . If your posture is not adjusted, the lava fails to kill you, and when it is exposed to the sea water, it will generate a large amount of high concentration of gaseous gaseous hydrochloric acid in the air. I think you can't escape this Deadly poison.

    8. Tanchencinley area

    The "tourist visit area" in Chel Nobel without much radioactive substance can cause damage to you. But once you enter the abandoned restricted area of ​​weeds, you have suffered by that guy. Exposure to 300 Lunqin or higher radiation levels can directly cause death by more than half an hour. The deeper you walk away (premise that you escape the guard), the greater you may be radiated by various deaths. If it can be known as the death stone

    The number 4 reaction for the coffin, well, okay, you will do it.

    7. Eating Gospel: Eat 12%of your own black chocolate for you to return to the West
    The method of simple and delicious way to get rid of the red dust Nostalgia. Dark chocolate contains a large amount of cocoaine and caffeine derivatives. Our pets only need to eat a little, and its reaction can make the owners terrifying.

    If you eat a high -purity black chocolate that is equivalent to 12%of your weight, this will cause you to suffer from the cocoa alkali tuberculosis. To eat more, it is equivalent to increasing the chance of your death.

    6. Do something you love to do, do n’t stop until you die ~

    I people who died for a long time because of the long time of playing Pin Guo game, electronic shooting in the 1990s The popularity of the game made Berzerk be responsible for two lives. In 2005, a star player died violently after a 50 -hour game.

    . Although the specific reasons for the case of dying due to online game, it can be seen that it is harmful and beneficial to the human body in a highly tense environment for a long time. The body is in a state of extreme fatigue. If the video game is not the first choice for your usual time, then now you have reason to sit on the sofa to watch 45 discs and the White House on the 154th season.

    5. Take a roller coaster

    The death roller coaster aims to consume the oxygen of the brain and cause brain death. The roller coaster containing 24 passengers dived from a height of 510 meters into 7 deaths and rotations, lasting for 2 minutes, 7 stars of thrilling indexes. The next 7 deaths will directly cause your brain tissue to be hypoxic, and then the brain will die.

    The designed death speed series was deeply condemned by humanitarian organizations in the 21st century, so far no company dares to take this job.

    4. Try to break through the 38th line on the Korean Peninsula

    The most controversial military isolation areas in the world -North Korea 38th line, which is nearly 250 kilometers and will the entire Korean Peninsula It is divided into North Korea and South Korea in the south. This dividing area is guarded by heavy soldiers day and night, and is monitored by the automatic rifle robot designed by Samsung. When you break through the area of ​​4 kilometers, if you are lucky enough to escape the bullet, congratulations, but the surrounding tigers and black bears may not let you go


    3. Love to eat buffet? Eat

    Choose a kind of food type (Brazilian steak, Chinese food, Mexican cuisine, etc.). Until the stomach. Your belly can usually digest about 2 liters of food and liquid, but you have to eat well. If you eat smoothly, you can reach the limit of 4-12 liters. But it is not so easy, because your vomiting response will prevent this excessive behavior, but the recent

    The medical report shows that directly swallowing food will die quickly.

    2. No equipment climbing Mount Everest

    every year there is a trained and experienced climbers Dead. Their bodies are still placed in place, and many of them have never been moved. Climbing the death area is originally a great thing, but it takes a long time to achieve long -term high altitude training to achieve success.

    The people who are not used to walking at more than 8,000 meters above sea level will faint immediately, and they will be frozen to death within 5 minutes. Therefore, climbing Everest is a world -class adventure, but you If there is no reliable equipment, mountaineering training, and climbing plans, and even luck, this world's tallest summit will end you quickly.

    1. Transformed into Batman (or Bat Girl)

    buy a better police scanner on Taobao, and a set of high imitation bat installations Bar. Then start to go to the crime scene of your city, the scene of the accident, and then seek real justice with violence! Rescue the elderly and children from the fire scene and enjoy this time that belongs to your own.

    It with bold, you can try to fly in the building like Batman, and feel the pleasure of adrenaline on your head. Enjoy your time as the League of Justice, because good times are always short -lived, and if you do n’t spend too much, you have to end all this in a way of surpassing.

    Special way: Buy a car that is not controlled by a good one

    Super luxury sports cars such as Bugatti Veyron or MP4-12C. Open to a place where wind is isolated from the world (it is best to have a cliff), the throttle is stepped on to the end, you will draw a wonderful arc in the air. The whole life draws a perfect end.

    It in Batman: The Dark Knight returned to Bruce Wayne to end himself in this way, although he did not die in the end: "No best, only better." So if even the famous Brucenene chose this method, what are you still hesitating?

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