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  1. If a dog is randomly rushing, it is not greeting, but emphasizing the control of human beings. It is the dog's meaning to convey that he is the rulers and want to control humans. The ruler in a group will never fantasize the ruler. Space means respect. The lower status in the group will respect the members with higher status. If your dogs flutter, it means that it does not respect them. It should be noted here: If puppies are pushing people and trying to catch people's faces, it must teach it to not be able to flutter, because this behavior will appear other meanings as puppies slowly grow up into a dog.

    I remember that I had been to a dog paradise, where there was a four -month -old boxer dog jumping around the crowd. Dogs are not very heavy, and they can't knock most adults, but they are enough to knock children, and it has soiled everyone's pants. The dog's owner does not stop it. After all, it is just a puppy. The people around were annoyed because the dogs left mud marks on their clothes. When this dog grows up, it may bring a lot of trouble to its owner.

    The puppy that should be told on the first day, "Don't flutter". You don't want your puppy to do when you grow up, and it cannot be allowed to do it when it is young. If you think about what you allow your puppy to do now, do you want to do this when it grows up? If the answer is no, it should be prohibited from doing so from the first day.

    This dogs like and need consistency, so if you do not allow the dog to switch to people, then everyone in the family and those who say hello to the dog must do this. Must be confirmed. If you allow the dog to push on a person who doesn't mind and not let it be pushed to others, it will be confused. Once you decide not to let your dogs rush, then apply this principle to everyone at any time. Unless you order the dog to let it jump, it will not rush to people at will.

    For a dog, the sense of space and balance is very important. If you take a step back or tilt in the direction of the dog, it will continue to jump. For a dog, it is breaking through your space, and the space only allows the leaders in the group to break through. When a dog jumps up and take a step towards it.

    It imagined that there is a ball around you, and no one is allowed to enter your territory. When the dog jumps up, your body moves to it, and your shoulders are facing it. Don't look at it. Don't try to knock it down, although it may be so. If you knock it down, you don't have to be surprised. Although you don't want to knock it down to abuse it, you can change the habit of pushing people, because it will have an unpleasant experience. As long as you simply fill the space with your body, in turn make the dog be in a state of unbalanced state, which is a very uncomfortable feeling for dogs. Til and tilt forward, don't tilt back, because you will leave room for the dog. Continue to fill your space casually and calmly, don't let your dogs come in. Remember that your purpose is not to knock down the dog, but just keep your space.

    It you can do this to any dog ​​you swing to you. When the dog starts to start, the sideways is forward, filling the space that the dog wants to occupy, so that the dog will lose a sense of balance. At the same time, it emphasizes your sovereignty of the space. Soon you will win the dog's respect, and the dog also You will know that it is not an interesting thing to flutter.

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