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  1. In fact, you can cut the dogs with a combination and scissors at home.
    Mee: wood comb, small scissors and cutting. Small scissors are used to cut the hair neatly, and cutting is used to cut the cutting dripping.
    Pre -trimming a bath for the dog, then trim it with a wooden comb. The scissors should be used vertically, do not get the dog's body, so as not to scratch it.

    The face is more cute
    Curiosity drives the nose to smell and smell, erected with tension and sensitivity, vividly expressing the inner feelings of the face. Drop a cute place. But the hair is dripping on the face, and the food residues will be hung on the food and drinking water, making a small face dirty, and it is even more disgusting after drying. Therefore, you must drop your face.
    The trimming the entire face is not easy. You can try to trigger the place from the beard, ears and other places. These places can become neat. It should be noted that the beard can not be cut blindly, but the dog's important drip detector!
    It trimmer to avoid letting the scissors hurt the dog when trimming the surface. Even if it is usually darkened dogs, they do n’t like to let people touch it, so it ’s best to use it to calm it and keep it calm. The longer the time of time, the more concentrated the dog's attention will be.
    The choice is very convenient to drop scissors and trim it carefully, and you can just trim it to be beautifully trimmed.
    1, jaw. The chief of the jaw is not only useless, but also affects the appearance of the face, so the extra drops should be cut off.
    2, eyebrows. When trimming the eyebrows, the scissors should not be at the eyes, so as not to touch the eyes when the dog moves.
    3, the edge of the lips. Dripping hair under the lips should be cut off. When trimming, press it to hold it down to prevent it from causing damage when it suddenly moves.

    The legs and feet should be sharp
    The soles of the feet are the most idle and easy to soil. It is contaminated with some dust and garbage, and it also looks sloppy. Therefore, the tip of the toes and the tip of the toe should be trimmed out to keep it clean and comfortable.
    1, toes. The drip on the toes is trimmed with a small scissors until the length of the tip can be covered, so that it is just on the ground when walking. Then use the cutting of the toe to cut the drip to cut into a natural drip.
    2, front leg. Use a wooden combination of the hair, and cut off the dripping hair with a small scissors. For La La, it looks more natural. Do not cut it into the same drip length. The trimming length should be adjusted appropriately according to the contour of the leg.
    3, hind legs. If the hair on the hind leg is too long, it will give people a heavy dripping feeling. Pour it with cutting into a natural drip shape. But be careful not to cut too much, and pay attention to the overall drop of balance.

    This of the soles of the feet often cut
    This of the gap between the meat balls of the feet. If this part of the drip is too long, the meat ball will be covered, so that the dog cannot be scalable freely when walking, and it is very idle when walking on a smooth ground.
    It the dripping hair under the feet is too long and is to attract dust and dirty things, or apply a lot of water when walking over in a humid stagnant water dripping place to create a propagation condition for bacteria, which causes skin diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to trim the soles of the feet too long to keep the feet tidy.
    The dripping speed at the foot grows fast, so try to trim the shortest when trimming each time, but be careful not to cut the skin, and fix your feet before trimming. After walking, check whether there are stones or garbage into the bottom of the feet. In addition, there are many hair in the meat ball itself, don't forget to prunites.
    This with a small scissors to cover the long hair of the meat ball and the long hair of the long hair. When cutting, use your fingers to pull the meat balls to the left and right, confirm the position of the drip, and cut the long hair with the edge of the meat ball drip with scissors to avoid hurting the toes.
    The long hair on the dog is the most difficult to cut. You may wish to learn from the hairdresser to cut your hair and make a ruler with your fingers. With a long point, three fingers are matched.

  2. This is how I cut the dogs. There is no need to take a bath first. The bath is mainly for the sake of the hair, the hair is cut, and the hair is cut with straight cutting, and then thinner. After hurting the skin, "because the dog's skin is loose" and the arrow is injured, it is no longer willing to let it cut. After cutting, take a bath and blow dry. Do not cut it in this season. summer.

  3. Buy a push specially cut for dogs with a cutting wool. The cheap one is tens of dollars, but the expensive is 100 yuan. When cutting, cut it from the position of the butt. The hair on the head does not need to be cut, or cut from the neck, depending on how it is convenient for you to cut. It will grow new hair after about 4.5 months. Generally, puppies need to cut hair. My dog ​​is cut in 5.6 months.

  4. Don't cut it in the winter ... Cold, really need to be cut. The scissors and its hair are in a parallel state. Just cut a little bit. It is not necessary in winter. In summer, you are afraid of dogs to cut heat stroke ... In winter, people will wear dogs to prevent the dog cold. You can also cut the hair ... Take a bath first to let the hair fluffy and cut it, and grasp it. allow.

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