How to distinguish the discrimination skills of dogs to force crazy unscrupulous dog houses

1 thought on “How to distinguish the discrimination skills of dogs to force crazy unscrupulous dog houses”

  1. By distinguishing the cleansing of the dogs on the week, do not buy dogs with too much shit, and dogs with tear marks. You can also distinguish the dogs on the week of the dog. The dogs with dull eyes and weakness may be a weekly dog. Looking at the cleanliness of the eyes, the dog can actually know whether the dog's eyes can know whether it has a disease. The eyelashes of healthy dogs are clean and neat, and the eye circles are slightly moist.
    If more attention to dog eyes, many dogs with canine plague and infectious hepatitis have this phenomenon, so do not buy with a lot of eyes and tear marks when choosing dogs.
    It the state of the nose to distinguish the tip of the dog's healthy dog's nose and nostrils. The nose should be moist and cool. Swing is a phenomenon of infectious diseases.
    So in order to avoid picking up the dog, it is also critical to look at the nose. If you buy a healthy dog, you should usually pay more attention to the dogs, exercise, and prevent the nose from coloring.
    Is to distinguish the mental state to distinguish the dog's mental state of a dog. When you first contact the puppies for the first time, it automatically and confidently coming to you. It is a normal and healthy puppy.
    New observe whether the dog has a cough. The dog is cold, the throat is sensitive, the air environment is turbid, the bronchitis and bronchitis can make puppies cough, and try not to buy dogs in winter.
    Is to distinguish the body proportion when the dog is too thin when the dog is too thin, its physique is relatively weak, it is not easy to be taken care of, and the too thin dogs may have some diseases themselves. Dogs also have stress reactions. Once the environment is changed, the resistance may occur.
    So if you encounter a very thin dog when you buy it, do n’t choose. Although it is a life, you can’t guarantee that you can save it out of doom when you take it home ~
    looking at the anus to distinguish it. The buttocks of Dogs and Dogs can also reflect the health status. A healthy puppies' ass is pink, and the buttocks should be tightly closed inward. taste.

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