2 thoughts on “My dog ​​is sick. What should I do if I don't eat Ni for a few days?”

  1. Consultation record · Answer at 2021-08-05nThe best way is to take it to the pet hospital. Doctors at pet hospitals see a lot. I know what's going on at a glance. It will be prescribed right. Give a dog very good treatment. It will heal soon. So if you can't wait, you may delay your condition. Dogs are when the stool has bloody water after drying the enema and the stools of anti -inflammatory needles and nutritional gastrointestinal stools. There will be blood flowing out because the anus is broken. Don't worry. The disease is not a day, so it is impossible to get sick for a day.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dogs that do not want to eat after illness are normal physiological reactions. You can help the dog eat through the following methods: first, soak the dog food with warm goat milk and feed the dog; second, Cook a little green porridge without seasoning, and then mix some dogs that dogs love to stimulate the taste of the dog; third, if the dog is still unwilling to eat, then you need to take the dog to the pet hospital to hang Water supplements physical strength, while treating dog diseases as soon as possible.

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