2 thoughts on “What pet dog is better to raise?”

  1. NO.1: Teddy
    Teddy (also known as poodle) it is very similar to the teddy bear doll. The teddy dog ​​has won the love of some young girls. Teddy VIP is indeed loved, with good personality, cheerful, very alert, clever, like to go out, good temperament, strong adaptability. The poodle does not remove hair, it is an excellent pet dog. If the red toy poodle does not shave the beard and the hair on the mouth, it can grow into a comic comics, so the red (brown) toy poodle is also called "teddy bear".

    NO.2: Border Shepherd Dog
    The border shepherd dog is energetic, vigilant and enthusiastic. IQ is quite like a child 6-8 years old. Smart is a major feature of him. Among all dogs, its IQ ranking is the first, enthusiastic, beautiful, and very suitable for home support! But it requires outdoor sports, so it is better to have a yard at home.

    NO.3: Golden Retriever
    The golden retriever is friendly, enthusiastic, pilot, and self -confidence. It is the most loyal, friendly family dog ​​and guide dog. Many men prefer golden retriever. The enthusiasm of Golden Mao is not very suitable for home care, because it will sell the owner. Even if the thief comes to steal the things at home, the golden retriever will be very enthusiastic. But golden retriever is very good for training, its IQ ranking is fourth!

    no.4: Husky
    Husky is beautiful, docile, lively, very enthusiastic, very naughty, take care It is more convenient; but its IQ is not high and it is difficult to train. In addition, it is a destructive member of the family, and it is also a bit of a god. Sometimes you can't help but control it. Can't stop.

    NO.5: Bude Shepherd Dog
    Bide Shepherd is very popular at home. They are full of vitality and like to be with older children. This kind of dog needs to run and play, and they will return their families with friendship and affection.

  2. Husky, Labrador, Teddy, Bear and so on.
    recognized three major offensive animals, golden retriever, Labrador, Husky, the breeding environment requires a lot, suitable for fed young people with strong body. Cute small dogs, teddy, bichon, etc., are suitable for feeding the small and weak and petite elderly and children. There are many varieties of domestic care. The owner can buy according to his own love. In daily feeding, you must give it nutritious dog food, regularly deworming and vaccination for it, and prevent the disease. grow up.
    The dogs suitable for home support generally have the characteristics of docile, not hairy, noisy, and hair care. However, according to the owner's economic conditions, breeding environment, breeding owners, and different loves that are suitable for home support, there are also different animals.

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