5 thoughts on “What kind of pet dog do you like?”

  1. Bomei, this dog is deeply loved by everyone, because it has a very petite body shape. In the dog's world, they are like a little loli, giving a very cute feeling. They are a small group, often a movement and even a movement, which can capture people's hearts. The expression they reflect is really cute. In many cases, even if they make mistakes, they have a simple and harmless expression with a little grievance, which really makes you unable to get angry at them at all. When playing with them on weekdays, a cute expression will really make your long -sleeping girl's heart wake up in an instant. If you really have such a breed dog in your home, at the moment you wake up every day, watching them use your cute expression to you, you will feel very happy this day. Even if there is something unpleasant at work, or very tired, after returning home, you will feel comfortable when you see them. This dog has a particularly good personality and is also very friendly. He likes to have intimate contact with humans. Their word of mouth is good in the dog world or us humans.

  2. I personally prefer Erha, although I raise one Erha, I like Erha heartless and lungs, I read a lot of news, fight Erha first, most of them are the first tricks. Sometimes I just want to play with other dogs. I do n’t know if it ’s reckless. I will mistakenly think that it’ s provocative, so I am painful. But Erha is so heartless, even if the head is broken, even if it is defeated, it does not remember. At most for a while, a little bit better and very happy, and then go to all kinds of cheap tricks. Like an unreasonable child, I am happy to look at it.

  3. I now have a rural dog, long like coca and Labrado. She was adopted. Now she is more than 2 years old. She is a clever female man. I love her very much. To say my favorite variety, that is Erha -Husky, if it wasn't for the power of his ability to dismantle his family, I would buy one without hesitation. I really like to listen to Erha. With it, it will definitely not be lonely. You do n’t give it to it. He will rush to you. You make it unhappy, and it will be snoring. It feels so fun, as if dialogue. You say it, it will talk like it. Because in my eyes, no matter how old the dogs are, I especially like naughty dogs and children. I always feel that such dogs are more aura.

  4. I like Teddy, obedient, sensible, clever, changeable, cute, no body taste, no hair loss, small body shape. In fact, I don't like Teddy, I just like my dog.

  5. It is expected that dog -like dogs like De Mu or Bian Mu, when they are capable of raising, suddenly obsessed with Corgi's short and plump buttocks, and finally blown up with a bloody golden retriever, holding a golden hair sister with joy Go home, and then I was told that the Jin Mao younger brother who hugged home at night had thought of changing his sister on the weekend.

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