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  1. What kind of fat fast
    do you know what the dog eats fat? The best friend of human beings when dogs also need patient care and care. Many people treat dogs at will and let the dog get sick. Let me share some of the dogs to eat. Let ’s take a look. it is helpful for you.
    What fattened by dogs to eat, what to eat to supplement nutrition. Now there are many foods that supplement the dogs to supplement the dogs on the market. The owner can choose a targeted choice according to the physique of his own dog. Because the owner loves the dog, many parents now like to make food to supplement their nutrition for their own food, but before making, it is best to find out which foods containing nutrients are more suitable for dogs. What do dogs eat to supplement nutrition? Let's learn below.
    So for mineral nutrients, there are foods rich in mineral nutrient elements, fresh meat, including beef, chicken, fish, animal liver (recommended for a small amount), beef bone, pork bone head, etc. Mineral nutrients in vegetables include tomatoes, pea green leaves, potatoes, corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, etc. But many dog ​​foods, such as Matton dog food, contain very balanced nutrition.
    In addition, some professional pet nutritionists have developed by professional pet nutritionists based on different pets and different pet physiological stages. , Copper, manganese, zinc, etc.
    It to ensure the healthy growth of the dog, you need to achieve diversified feeding, which will start with little by little. Every meal for dogs is different, and some fresh and healthy foods are gradually added, or some homemade foods are added. We need to try to add different dietary ingredients according to the dietary habits of dogs and daily life, such as meat foods, cartilage yogurt, eggs, fruits and vegetables, etc., to give dogs a richer choice.
    It also ensure that the dogs are prepared for clean drinking water at any time. Some dogs like to drink flowing water, so you can buy circularly `drinking water equipment to meet the needs of the dog to ensure that the dog has enough drinking water every day.
    What is the dog who eats fat 2 to feed dogs and dog food. Because professional dog food is developed according to the body structure of dogs and grows nutritional needs, it is the most suitable and healthiest food for dogs. For dogs, it seems not enough to prepare a single dog food. Therefore, some other foods should be prepared in daily life. For example, fresh vegetables, meat, dog biscuits, canned foods, etc., are paired with each other to feed dogs.
    News need to pay attention. Now there are many diet textbooks on the Internet. If the owner has time, you may wish to copy some methods online and make nutrition meals for the dogs at home. Believe that the owner's love meal, dogs will prefer, and they will taste more.
    although many ingredients can eat. But there are many human foods that cannot be eaten. For example, chocolate, onion, garlic, raw eggs, raw meat, wild fungi, a large amount of animal liver, grapes, raisins, spicy foods, raw cold frozen fish and shrimp, etc. We must avoid it. Do not rise for a while. In order to give the dogs "foreign", take these things to eat, because the consequences of eating these foods are that parents are unwilling to see or bear it.

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