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  1. It is normal for dogs to have a taste. After all, dogs are animals. Usually, they can ventilate more at home, so that the taste is dispersed as soon as possible. But if the dog tastes more, the owner should pay attention to whether the dog is sick.
    1. First of all, the puppy who just had a full moon, basically did not take a bath from the mother, so the urine smell of urine was relatively large. After two or three days, take a clean bath, but remember to use the dog's bath solution for dogs. If the bath solution is used, the dog will be dandruff, and it will cause unnecessary skin to skin. sick.
    2. Washed dogs, if there is a odor floating on the body in the last day or two, pay attention to whether it is the taste in the ears. The owner will clean up the dogs regularly. If the ear hair is relatively long, it is best to pull up the ear hair together. In this way, the dog will not emit a bad atmosphere. If the body is cleaned and the ears have no taste, and the dog is still a lot of taste, then it is necessary to consider that the dog food that may be feeded by the owner is not suitable for it, so you can change the dog food to try it.
    . If you raise dogs at home, when it is particularly boring when it is rainy days, the taste of the dog will be slightly heavier, and the odor of the home will be a bit big. At this time, the windows must be opened. As long as the dog does not urinate at home, the owner often does hygiene, and there will not be much odor at home. Some of the dogs raised at home, when they felt odor, they sprayed perfume and dragged the 84 disinfection solution. Later, the taste at home was very unpleasant. In fact, the simplest way was to ventilate.
    4. Some dogs have no taste on their body, but a mouth of a mouth haha ​​comes out. Dogs are generally caused by the internal fire. It is recommended to drink more water and eat light. Also, it is caused by not eating dog food and eating animal internal organs. The owners can buy a clean tooth rod to give the dogs, just twice a week. You can also go to the pet shop to buy a clean oral medicine for the dog's mouth.
    5. Many owners love cleanliness, for fear of a odor at home, take a bath for the dogs for two or three days. In fact, this is not good for the health of the dog. Take a shower every half a month in summer. Washing once a month in winter is OK.
    If the dog's skin wounds, it is common to make odor. However, wounds will be expanded due to bacterial infection, the most common is Pugacer. Sensitive diseases, hormones, and endocrine disorders all cause the dog's skin to odor. This flavor, parasitic fleas on the skin of dogs, are all sources of odor. Dogs will also catch the skin because of itching, which will lead to more severe germs infection. In this case, it is best to take a dog to the veterinarian clinic for detailed examination and appropriate treatment.
    So if the dog tastes heavier, the owner must be vigilant and go to the doctor in time when necessary.

  2. Different varieties of dogs are different, some taste light, and some are heavy, which is normal. If you want to reduce the taste of the dog, you can only pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, and use bath liquid to help the dog bathe regularly. This will change.

  3. There are some specific dogs that have a body taste, but the taste may also have kidney disease or skin diseases. No inspection can be seen on the Internet, or some people do not pay attention to hygiene. The dog combed the hair, and it would be stinky without brushing your teeth.

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