What are the symptoms of dogs? How can dogs get rabies disease?

How can dogs get rabies disease dogs? What are the symptoms of rabies?

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  1. Rabies (Rabies), also known as water disease (), is a natural epidemic -based or animal -based acute infectious disease caused by damage to the central nervous system caused by rabies virus.

    △ [Symptoms of dogs]

    Buy disease, also known as crazy dog ​​disease and water disease. It is a kind of direct contact infectious disease caused by a man and all warm blood (people, dogs, cats, etc.) caused by rabies virus. The mortality rate is 100 % once bite by a dog with rabies virus. Therefore, dogs must pay attention to the immunity of rabies. The clinical manifestations of rabies disease dogs were extremely excited, mad, saliva, and consciousness, and eventually died of paralysis.

    The symptoms: The incubation period of this disease is different, generally 15 days, the elderly can reach several months or last year. The length of the incubation period is related to the infection and the part.

    The clinical manifestations are divided into two types: one is the violent type, and the other is paralysis.

    Rage type: divided into three periods, front -drive period, excitement and paralysis period.
    The performance of the front -drive period is gloomy, afraid of light, dullness, dull response, do not listen to the owner's call, do not want to contact people, abnormal appetite, bite and eat foreign matter, swallow the neck and stretch, increase saliva, post -drive power, pupils are scattered, and the pupils are scattered. Essence This period is generally 1-2 days. After the front -wheel drive period, it entered the excitement period, manifested as violent and uneasy, actively attacked people and other animals, disturbing consciousness, and laryngeal muscle paralysis. After violentness, there is depression, showing fatigue and not moving. After a little physical strength recovered, a little external stimulus can stand up and stand crazy. When the dog went out of the house, did not recognize the family, wandered around, screamed hoarse, paralyzed, and saliva. This diseased dog is very harmful to people and other livestock. As soon as he found that the relevant departments should be immediately notified.
    Paralysis period: The symptoms of paralysis are the main symptoms, and the whole body muscles are paralyzed.

    The identification of rabies and rabies are basically divided into two types. The excitement is the most common. The initial performance is mainly changing personality. The sick dogs often ears, frightened, and changes in dietary hobbies. A few days later, it was obviously onset, and often running bite, looking straight, bite and others, and acquaintances can also be bitten. At this time, there are often difficulty swallowing, not drinking water, barking hoarse, drooping drooling, and staggering. In the future, leg paralysis and respiratory failure can occur. The other type is silent and rare. After the onset of illness, it often lives alone, but after being disturbed, he often barks and bites. Generally, he often paralysis and death. In short, it is highly vigilant when it is found that dogs have abnormalities and behaviors to avoid contact with them. When they are highly suspicious, they should be killed and then taken for pathological examinations for brain tissue.

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  2. Hiding in the dark is not close to others, does not listen to the call, even the owner pulls it to bite people. After two days, it runs around, often bite people and animals, holds a tail, flows a lot N1, this diseased dog is very harmful to people and other livestock. Once you find that the relevant departments should be immediately notified
    2, corticosteroid drugs are prohibited during the rabies vaccine, drinking, drinking strong tea and eating irritating foods are prohibited. Exercise
    3, once the rabies disease occurs, the disease mortality rate is extremely high, and the only way to prevent rabies disease is to prevent vaccination

  3. Dogs of rabies are afraid of water
    The dogs in ordinary families should not get it. Only all day long is everywhere. Essence

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