5 thoughts on “Recommend a few softwares that can watch news to make money, it must be formal.”

  1. Today's headline speed version, mobile phone Baidu speed version, Sohu news information version, Taotao news, fun headlines, micro carp, UC browser, 2345 browser, etc., there are still many software. The key is whether you have time to see it. However, some of these softwares cannot make money by watching current political information. This is its disadvantages and the rules of the platform.

  2. Fun Toutiao also slowly reduces the bonus, so it needs to pay more than before, but you can increase the bonus by the invitation person; the Baidu Speed ​​version is more than one yuan per day, which takes at least an hour and a half, so it is also very tired. Simple; Sohu has a sofa software, but it is around 6 cents every day. Others are today's headlines and carps. There are quite a lot of. Before downloading, go to the support platform.

  3. The global viewing app, through three minutes of news every day, redeeming reading points, you can exchange a reading point for about 3 days, and 1 reading point can be exchanged for 36 yuan.

  4. Baidu's real -name number cannot be obtained, no need to do. Fun head titles. Sohu information can be reliable. Netease can be reliable. The Sohu sofa video, no fake, cannot be withdrawn. Oriental headlines can be done, and the difficulty requirements are high. I have tried these recently. This industry is already dead. Not recommended everyone to enter the pit

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