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  1. Some of my world lazy bags have shops, there are tasks in it, what Danir currency is needed for things, three types of currency are divided into three types, copper coins, silver coins and gold coins. If you are looking for a store, it is usually in what village. If you press the V key in other lazy bags, it means that there are no shops in that lazy bag. Press V in some lazy bags to find the village and find the largest house in a village. It should be the store. If not, just look for other houses. As soon as you enter the store, someone will talk to you: Hello XX, do you want to do business? almost there! If you play the survival model, the method of getting currency is: find a store, look at the second column, the first column is to buy things, the second column is to sell things, if the second column has a bright grid, it means that you have a backpack in the backpack. What can be sold, touch the bright grid, it will tell you how much money, or ordering that grid, you can exchange money.
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  2. The items inside are made by themselves, and it seems that there is no currency transaction.
    The items synthetic table: wenku./link? url = dba_wxocidx -__- b3nsnli_hbfaceyw
    or you can directly open the input cheating code to get what you want

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