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  1. Watching the news must not make any big money to make money, it is to make some calls for smoke!
    The software for making money on the news
    The list 1. Hui Toutiao APP
    The head bar is developed by Shanghai Huaxi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. , Sharing rewards, search information rewards, playing games to make money, reading time rewards, apprenticeship rewards, etc., one yuan can be mentioned by WeChat Alipay, usually the next day.
    The list 2, Sohu News Information Edition app
    Sohu News Information Edition was developed by Sohu. It is a very reliable hand earning app. It needs to pay personal income tax for 800 yuan a month. Starting from Yuan, 3-5 working days arrive. The main ways to make money are: sign -in, timing red envelopes, sun income, sharing articles, watching articles, watching videos, quiz, push, etc. Raiders: 1. See the video within 20 seconds; 2. You can choose your favorite type reading. If you catch up, you can search for "weather forecast" on the homepage. ; 3. Persist in watching 10 small videos every day, 20 weather forecasts and exposure to the income map. The editor has now income 10 yuan .
    In list three, Taotao News APP
    Tao news is developed by Beijing Coolian Online Network Technology Co., Ltd., novice one yuan WeChat or Alipay is now available. Generally, it will be received on the same day. The main ways to make money are: sign -in, open treasure chests (once every 4 hours), reading, sharing, award -winning hot search, game trial play, download application, apprentice, etc.
    In Library II, Tiantian Express App
    the Tiantian Express APP is a profitable app developed by Tencent. The coolest is WeChat withdrawal seconds. Reading, sharing, sun income, promotion, etc. Withdrawing 1 yuan 2000 gold coins, withdrawal of 10 yuan 15000 gold coins, withdrawal of 30 yuan 45,000 gold coins, withdrawal of 50 yuan 75,000 gold coins.
    The list five, rice earning APP
    Meson is the earliest batch of mobile phone money to make money. It has been successfully operated for more than 7 years. Alipay has now arrived in seconds. News, watching videos, shopping rebates, signing in, wealth management, making money, trying money and other diversified ways to make money. This is a software that does not need to be recommended, and you can earn 10 mobile phones a day to make money.

  2. A lot, for example, today's headlines and fun headlines
    It can be installed on your mobile phone
    and then click the search box above, enter the software you want to download in it, and then follow the search results according to the search results. , Download directly, just, the software here is safe

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